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9 hours ago, Halon_50 said:

My playthrough bugged out. I have no trophy for completing the Prologue (easy to fix by starting a new game, I guess), and I couldn't get the Sharpshooter trophy no matter how many times or where I sank the ball. And yes, I did correctly throw away the can in the Conference Room.


The trophy for Sharpshooter says throw away trash in the Bridge though? If I can be arsed to do another playthrough, I'll check that.


Dev here: this is really strange (missing Prologue trophy). The logic behind this trophy is just to complete the Prologue - nothing else. Please, can you tell me which version of the game you are playing (we are working on HDR patch for the PS4 version), so I can check the script again before next update.


Regarding Sharpshooter, did you put the can in the bin near the window?    


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Hello Ivaylo_7.


This was on patch 1.01 PS4. I had subtitle skip enabled but did not use it during the prologue. I got the prologue trophy just now by starting a new game.


I'm going to try the Sharpshooter trophy again when I get there - maybe my game's shot counter bugged out and I should've quit out then restarted the game.


Quick edit: I did get all the other trophies just fine though, by following the guide over on


Edit 2: I still cannot get Sharpshooter. I did notice that, over the course of 5 or 6 plays where I would completely quit out of game to XMB and restart between plays, sometimes I would deposit the drink in the trash can on the bridge, then play some BBall, and when I would go back to the bridge to check, the drink would respawn on the table and not in the trash. Sometimes it would remain in the trash can. Every time I quit out and restarted the game, it would correctly respawn on the table, since there's no autosave between tossing the drink in the trash and playing basketball.

I'm going to move on from this game now. I'll check back again when the next patch is out.

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