First time player looking for walkthrough.

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Hey there.

Been looking into this game and it sounds amazing. Heard nothing but good stuff about this game.


I really enjoy following a guide when I play rpg games, I'm looking at going for the plat fir this game.


My question is. Are there any amazing trophy guides that take me step by step through the game and showing me when and where to get all trophies? Or is this game easy enough to just jump in without a worry about missing any trophies?





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You might as well jump in. It’s going to be several hundred hours going for the platinum regardless, but get through the story without worrying about trophies. That’ll get you acquainted with the play style and tactics.


After you get through the story, then find a guide. Trust me when I say that the guides will make WAY more sense after you’ve actually played parts of the game. Very few guides are actually written from a brand new player to a Disgaea game and may end up turning you off if you start reading them before playing.


Feel free to post some status updates if you have questions while you’re playing. 


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