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Hi guys,

not sure if this was a bug or not, but I had all of the claptrap collectible trophies except the dreaded bobble head one, which is one of the rarer drops at something pitiful like 1% or something ridiculous.  Anyhoo, after hours of farming for it, I gave up in frustration as I just wasn't getting any drop. I had like three in 6 hours.


I finished off the final Moxxi arena in co-op with a buddy of mine that I had left over and after the trophy for that popped, my Claptrap bobble head trophy also popped, out of nowhere, getting me my 100% for the game and all dlc.


TL:DR version - if anyone is stuck with the claptrap bobble head trophy, maybe try going for another trophy to see if it pops straight after, or try co-oping with someone who already has it.  I can't confirm either of these will work for sure, but I'm bloody happy that I got my 100% finally ^_^

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