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Nice list! Lots of high quality platinums on there! I haven't tried the Witcher 3 but I really should one of these days.


With the AC games, I'd never been to Rome like you did to see the world and compare to the games, but I went to Florence. It looks so similar to the games it's amazing. I felt comfortable walking around (about as comfortable as I could feel with men yelling after me "my guy. my friend. $20 for rolex!") as I remembered the layout of the game :P Even the bridge where Ezio gets in the fight at the beginning of the game is there!


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2 minutes ago, ResoluteRock said:

Nice list! Lots of high quality platinums on there! I haven't tried the Witcher 3 but I really should one of these days.


With the AC games, I'd never been to Rome like you did to see the world and compare to the games, but I went to Florence. It looks so similar to the games it's amazing. I felt comfortable walking around (about as comfortable as I could feel with men yelling after me "my guy. my friend. $20 for rolex!") as I remembered the layout of the game :P Even the bridge where Ezio gets in the fight at the beginning of the game is there!

Thank you! Yes the attention to detail in these AC games is astounding for me at least. It was kinda backwards for me, I could get around in AC brotherhood without consulting the minimap every 5 minutes just because I walked so much in the actual Rome xD (yes including the Rolex people)


And you definetly should try Witcher 3, just prepare for a long quality game 


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Really good list and I noticed we shared some games. In particular, the one that stands out the most would be getting 100% for all DMC games. I guess I didn't realize how much I liked these games back in my X360 days which lead me to playing them again for full completion. However, I do agree that DMC2 is just a stain on the series.


The Witcher 3 hands down was the best RPG that I've played in a long time.



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3 minutes ago, Whitelightnin683 said:

Really good list and I noticed we shared some games. In particular, the one that stands out the most would be getting 100% for all DMC games. I guess I didn't realize how much I liked these games back in my X360 days which lead me to playing them again for full completion. However, I do agree that DMC2 is just a stain on the series.


The Witcher 3 hands down was the best RPG that I've played in a long time.


DMC2 Alone made me not want to touch the ps4 for 3 days. I really really hated that game with a passion. The rest entries though are brilliant. Still trying to decide which is better now, DMC3 or DMC5 xD Because boy oh boy DMC5 DID DELIVER.


Also a fun thing about Witcher 3 : It took me 2 years and 2 months to platinum it. Initially I did not want to platinum it just because a trophy " Woodland Spirit" forced me to make a decision that I didn't agree with. I finally caved in after 2 years and just did the blasted quest as the trophy wanted so I can platinum it. That's what Witcher 3 did to me...actually care about Geralt's decisions and disregard stupid requirements.

....Yep best RPG allright <3 


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You've got some very nice plats especially The Witcher III 👍


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* Minor Update* Added the first 5 minireviews / impressions on the soulsborne series that I platinumed...jeez writing is more tiresome than I thought. Now onto god of war

EDIT: I will add this update on the main post better, no use spamming.

Edited by Copanele

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Trine: Enchanted Edition is an easy platinum and with a YouTube guide in hand it's easily doable in less than a day. I definitely enjoyed this game and I look forward to the fourth game in the series from FrozenByte. I still need to play Trine 2: Complete Story which I sometimes hear is difficult and long, while others say it's not that hard. I'll just have to wait and see.


Decent trophy profile and not a bad start for a new topic on Trophy Checklists.


I can definitely see why you quit out on Slain: Back From Hell. Not for casual players, lots of save scumming is needed.


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Just now, Spaz said:

Trine: Enchanted Edition is an easy platinum and with a YouTube guide in hand it's easily doable in less than a day. I definitely enjoyed this game and I look forward to the fourth game in the series from FrozenByte. I still need to play Trine 2: Complete Story which I sometimes hear is difficult and long, while others say it's not that hard. I'll just have to wait and see.


Decent trophy profile and not a bad start for a new topic on Trophy Checklists.


I can definitely see why you quit out on Slain: Back From Hell. Not for casual players, lots of save scumming is needed.

Yep for Trine i need to find the energy to finish it again, I already played it on PC before.

And Slain : Back from Hell...for that game I should slap myself back to my senses, finish it properly and after that attempt the platinum. Honestly I love the setting and especially the metal but I made the mistake to go for all trophies on my first go...which is gruelling to say the least xD I do remember it gave you some troubles before too with the "no death run" . Definetly wanting the platinum for it though so...not entirely given up on it. Just not today.

The only game I consider giving up on though is Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise. If there is something I utterly despise in a videogame (apart from microtransactions) is insane japanese rhythm games. Hitting a ton of buttons perfectly while the screen flashes is not my idea of fun.


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:platinum: No. 61 : Injustice 2 



Platinum name : World Destroyer 1S4eaf18.png

Hardest Trophies : - Winning Is Fun - win 10 ranked matches                         6S5eb354.png

                              - Cat Fight - Catwoman must defeat Cheetah with Cat Call 24Sc93cdf.png

Difficulty : 7/10 - People playing ranked are pretty vicious , ranked can't be boosted + massive grinding for getting cat call ability + level 20 with all characters, it takes up alot of time.

Personal impression : 8/10


(I have added this game here instead of the Reviews and Opinions original post in order to keep consistency )

Continuing my struggle to get decent at fighting games, I have managed to finish this gem here. Injustice 2, while not as good as Injustice Gods Among Us in terms of story, it definetly surpassed its predecessor in terms of gameplay and content. I believe this is my favourite Netherrealm game to date, also one of the best fighting games I have ever played. I definetly would pick up this game over any other mortal kombats that's for sure!


This game follows the events from the first Injustice, in a world where Superman is imprisoned. The Insurgency lead by Batman is trying to help the world recover after Superman's dictatorship, however things don't go as well as expected. With the new threat coming from a supervillain organization and Brainiac, Batman considers freeing Superman to help him battle these threats



The combat suffered a huge overhaul. It's massively improved compared to its predecessor. Combos can be stringed together way better and smoother ,you can still pull off insane 50% damage combos. The roster is bigger with more interesting heroes and villains alike ( I still can't stand Wonder Woman though) . Even the DLC is something that I welcomed since they brought up guest characters like Starfire, Black Manta , Ninja Turtles, Subzero and Raiden (It's a Netherrealm game after all) and my favourite Hellboy.

From all the modes available the most interesting I found to be the Multiverse : a Tower based system like in Mortal Kombat where you fight for items and in-game currency. I love how diverse they are (most of them are references to DC comics ) and the modifiers you can encounter in each level.

The game also has a RPG-like gear system, where you win various equipment pieces that give you stats and buffs. A nice addition but playing online with them is not fun at all since most high level players have some insane builds. Luckily you have the option to play with equipment disabled.You can even customize an AI version of yourself to fight for you.


Speaking of online, the game is still populated. Ranked especially is full of strong experienced players, they really forced me to get good at this game xD . Objectively the hardest trophy is here as well , since ranked cannot be boosted. You need to win 10 Ranked SETS ( a set has 3 matches, best 2 out of 3 wins). Opponent disconnecting doesn't count as a win so you need to do it legit. Luckily , online portion being very solid , I really enjoyed doing this one and felt full satisfaction when I unlocked the trophy.



The less fun part... levelling each char to lvl 20 and winning as catwoman with cat call. While levelling up chars can be done fairly easy using the guide for XP farming, getting cat call for catwoman was one of the most infuriating trophies I have ever had to deal with, mainly because I had to praise to the almighty RNGesus for a drop. I eventually went for the Legendary Multiverse which guaranteed the catcall drop but the conditions for activating it were atrocious. Half of my playtime went towards getting this stupid skill , especially the 3000 minutes played as catwoman and dealing 3mil damage overall. Not fun, my poor laptop almost caught fire while remote farming these.


In conclusion, I recommend this game as a solid fighting game, really enjoyable to play. However be prepared for a long grind if you decide you want to platinum it.

I probably should get to work and finish Injustice 1 already.




- top notch graphics

- combat is fluid and varied

- balanced characters

- DLC characters are very fun to play

- lots of customizable options




- online can be heavily dependant on the loot you get from Motherboxes

- insane amount of grinding for Catwoman

- enemies can abuse the "disconnected means no win for you" issue in Ranked




- Finished the main story of AC Origins. Although the story is nothing out of the ordinary again, Bayek might be my favourite AC protagonist up to date. Sorry Ezio! Bayek is just very well fleshed out. I am also happy with the direction AC series went to, the old games were getting stale and the franchise needed a jolt to get back to work.

What I also appreciate gladly - discovery tour. BRAVO UBISOFT! Maybe the AC series is not the most consistent but when you give me real lessons about ancient Egypt WHILE generating ancient egypt as faithful as possible, you really get me impressed. A triple A game with a history lesson? Sign me up! (for instance I learned a great deal about mummification while seeing the NPCs performing the action itself. Also cats!!!!). Will add more once I platinum the game,it's damn huge though.


- Finished the :platinum: 1-10 section under Reviews and Opinions. Not the best reviews , I kinda suck at writing ,they are more opinions if anyone is interested. Currently at reviewing :platinum: 15 so section 11-20 will be done soon


- Updated a small section with " Currently playing" . I should cut down on fighting games ,they don't do well for my mental health xD 


- Added a "Series Ranking" sublist, will add there more once I platinum several series. Assassin's Creed is next  , need only Origins and Oddysey to finish.


More stuff to come once I have completed another game. Thinking of doing Demon's Souls again on NA version and probably clean up my backlog of the DMC games on PS3. 



finished :platinum: 11-20 , it was tough but finally done.

- I have started platinuming all the ps3 backlog( oh god why)

Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No. 62 : Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - PS3

+100% DLC




Platinum Name : Prizes, Plunder and Adventure 1S2437ba.png

Hardest trophy : Main game - Commited To The Cause - reach level 55 in multiplayer 47S9cfae9.png - hardest = try not to die out of boredom while farming for Wolfpack mode

                          DLC and the game overall - Sacred Land - be the MVP with Jaguar in domination 52S84d1db.png hardest = Ubisoft Servers are your most dreaded enemy for this crap trophy. Even with boosting it's incredibly stupid to connect.

Difficulty : 4/10 - connectivity issue, game itself is really easy

Personal Impression : 8/10


I finally platinumed + 100% completed the ps3 version of AC4 black flag. Completing this game first on PC then PS4 , a third run of the game was noticeable easier but also more boring. Although I have started with this game on PS3 I left if for last due to PS4 having an improved remastered edition. Anyway onto the game :


Assassin's Creed 4 takes place into the Golden Age of Pirates. Through the beautiful Abstergo Animus project, you are now into the salty shoes of Edward Kenway, a Welshman trying to find his luck and wealth in the Caribbeans. He is the father of Haytham and grandfather of Connor from AC3 if you wonder why the same family name. After a maelstrom and a pirate battle, he "borrows" the clothes of a traitorous assassin suddenly turned dead and gets entangled into the eternal Templar/Assassin world.


Graphically, this game was wonderful at its time ,and holds up pretty decent even today. The Caribbeans are beautifully made ( of course, Ubisoft did a wonderful job here). You get everything you would expect : Blue sea, Lustrous islands, thick dangerous jungles, Mayan Ruins and more. Even the underwater sections , levels that are normally dreaded in videogames, are a blast to explore. The sealife is as lively as ever. My favourite sections were through the Mayan Ruins that were retaken by the Jungle. Also the most watery water I have seen in a while!


In terms of sound Black Flag doesn't dissapoint. Although it doesn't contain the famous Ezio's Family theme remixed, its soundtrack is really memorable. It's what you would expect of a pirate flick and even more, reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean. Jesper Kyd doesn't appear here , the composer now is Brian Tyler ( he also did the Far Cry 3 soundtrack). The most memorable section though are the Sea Shanties that you can find through the game. It's a blast to go around sailing and your sailors to sing to their heart content.


Speaking of sailing, this game has the best naval combat ever made in a videogame. Ubisoft really improved upon the AC3 naval combat and now you can upgrade your ship with all kind of ammunition, cannons and sails to become the most respectable pirate around there. In the beginning you start with a mere treebark with sails that can barely spit 3 cannonballs, but you can end up with a behemoth that can pulverize entire fortifications and the biggest of the Men O' War trekking the seas. For the best of the best there are 4 special naval missions where your skills as a sailor and pirate are tested to their utmost limit . A word of warning though : Don't go unprepared , those missions are brutal.

The land missions are your typical Assassin missions , improved. You sneak , you stab , you can use up to 4 pistols to shoot the unfortunate enemies (gun akimbo), you have 2 swords and a blowdart pipe for the more sneaky approach. Not much to cover here , except that the sneaking missions are abit more refined than in AC3. You can sneak through vegetations ,run across trees and whistle ( best mechanic ever) to attract the enemies.


Storywise, the game is split into two parts : the present time and the past time. The present time is boring and stupid (Desmond won't appear anymore kids, sorry) and the whole templar plot is stupid so I will ignore that one. The past time with the life of Edward however is surprisingly good. You follow Edward while he turns from a greedy pirate who cares only from himself to a respectable assassin with a moral code. The side characters are also enjoyable , most notable being Blackbeard ( you know who that is ) and his retold story and Adewale, the freed slave turned quartermaster for Edward's ship. The interaction between them is believable and enjoyable. Adewale's story is covered in the DLC Freedom Cry, which while pretty decent, sadly doesn't live up to the standards of the main game.

Sadly the villains are pretty forgettable. The main Templar Villain I have to google his name just to remember who the hell he is (Torres de lalala) and his target is as usual - find Old Civilisation artefact for world control. Whoopdedoo. Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia were more compelling.


As final touch, the Multiplayer . In essence and theory ,the multiplayer is pretty fun. Lots of modes , lots of perks, modes ranging from assassinations to capture the flag and domination. 

In practice however the multiplayer is horrendous. First thing first, Ubisoft sucks at multiplayer games. Good ideas, shit implementation , aka potato servers. I don't know how they manage it, they have only ONE good server based game ( ghost recon) and the rest are subpar. The mechanics with hiding and multipliers are good in theory but sadly in practice everyone just rushes for the targets so tactics are thrown out the window. Also in the hunt for platinum there are some of the grindiest trophies ever. Not only you have to reach level 55 but also you need to win a complete set of Domination while being nr 1 WHILE being the Jaguar ( a character). Without boosting good luck getting that one xD 


Apart from minor glitches ( boats getting stuck into the land) , the game is a proud member of the AC franchise. Perhaps one of the best releases of the series. Definetly get this game , you won't regret it! (just make sure to ignore the present time plot and the fact that it has Assassins in the title ).




- Piracy ahoy!

- Best naval combat in a game ever made

- Caribbean seas are beautiful

- Interesting multiplayer modes




- Present time story is an all-time low

- Edward Kenway is not really that interesting

- Templar villain is another cardboard curly moustache evildoer, although his presentation is interesting

- Connectivity in multiplayer is Ubisoft quality - horrible

- Freedom Cry DLC is dull and uninteresting

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:platinum: No. 63 : Dante's Inferno

+ 100% Trials of St. Lucia & Dark Forest DLC



Platinum Name : Master of The Inferno 1S283a55.png

Hardest trophy : Poetry in Motion - 666 combo, main game 29S15f728.png

                           It's in The Trial - finish 25 1p and 15 2P EA trials in the Trials of St. Lucia DLC 53Sa8ba6a.png 

Difficulty : 2/10 main game,  4/10 with DLC

Personal rating : 5/10 main game, 7/10 with DLC


After lots of trials and tribulations(aka I am very lazy) , I finally managed to get out of PS3 hell with this game. In this game we follow our main protagonist Dante Alighieri( the angry templar guy ,not the poet) in a quest to save the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the clutches of Hell, all while smashing thousands of demons with his Holy Cross and Scythe. On the way to hell , Dante is helped by the advice of the poet Virgil that tells him bits of lore about each level (or circle).


The first major feeling that I had from this game is that it's an edgy God of War ripoff. Dante's movements and combat feels straight up from an adventure with Kratos. Similarities stop here though because compared to the infamous blades of chaos , Dante has two main weapons : The Scythe that he took from defeating Death (yeah, I know...death died) and the Holy Cross of Beatrice.

The Scythe is...a scythe, nothing interesting, if you played a game like Dark Souls you know what a scythe's moveset is. It also acts like a grappling hook for reasons but yeah boring weapon.

The most interesting one though is the Cross. It's the medieval equivalent of a holy machine gun and I kid you not I laughed the entire game while I PEW PEW'd the demons. You fire white crosses in a spread and you can also absolve the enemies with it. Deus Vult unlimited. It might be one of my most favourite weapons in videogames, pretty memorable. From regular "shotgun" attack, to a holy area of effect, this cross is simply FUN. The game has also a magic system but apart from the Divine Shield( grants you invincibility and health regen at max level) none of the other spells are memorable enough.


Graphically this game is impressive for its time. Hell looks like SHIT (in a good way) , each Circle is represented by its own sin quite perfectly ( Greed is a huge molten golden lava where greedy people get boiled). Too bad that apart from the wails of the damned, the sound is nothing memorable. I have no idea what the soundtrack of the game is and I personally didn't care to find out.


The story starts pretty well but it suddenly turns to shit. Dante , returning from his holy crusade( ahem) finds his lover Beatrice kinda abit dead and with her soul stolen by the main man Lucifer. Vowing to save her, Dante jumps straight into hell. On the way to the final circle, we find out who Dante really is, what's the deal with Lucifer and why he needs Beatrice's soul. Issue is, the story is said so poorly that no matter what I could never take it seriously. Paired with the final boss fight where you see Lucifer in all his "splendor" that made me do a massive sigh while i spammed cross on his ... ass. This game had potential but whoever imagined the story setting had some edgy issues.


Apart from that... the game was pretty bland in my opinion. I played it on easiest difficulty setting at first ,the amped up the difficulty for the second playthrough(I needed it for extra scythe upgrades) and apart from demon hp and damage nothing changed really. The game started up pretty interesting but really for me the first two areas and the first 2 bosses are the only fun parts. I lost interest after that mainly because the whole script felt like an edgy take on the Divine Comedy (and that book was edgy at its time).


The DLC however is another story. Ignoring the stupidly high price for a DLC AND the Dark Forest DLC (really what the heck was that?) , the Trials of St Lucia is the only aspect of the game that I've genuinely enjoyed. I didn't 100% them (postponed the 2P trials with a friend) but mostly they are really well done. The 2player ones especially, you can't mindlessly mash buttons and clear enemies, for some levels you have to think of strategies (Looking at you , explosives only level that keeps chucking enemies off the cliffs). Honestly I could get rid of the game and just have the Trials and I'd  be happy. That's what I wanted from trials : Challenges. Also the community is VERY active, you can find a ton of player-made Trials, all ranging from genuinely hard trials to medals-only trials. You won't get dissapointed in this aspect.


All in all, a pretty meh experience. Don't regret playing this game but after the final Trial trophy I doubt I'll ever touch it again. The game that is. STILL BETTER THAN DMC2 !




- combat is solid and works

- a functional copy of God of War

- Trials of St Lucia are tough and actually fun


- Vergil is badass

- Various ghosts you collect on the road to absolve/punish



- still a copy of God of War

- Dante deserves a punch to the face

- Story is dumb

- Combat gets repetitive

- Too much edginess on one screen

- Satan's dong

Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No. 64 : Demon's Souls (NA version)



Platinum Name : Toughest Soul Trophy 1Sac8cd2.png

Hardest Trophy : Soldier's Trophy - all unique weapons collected 6S48c8a0.png - World Tendency is still one of the stupidest mechanics in a souls game, glad online is dead.

Difficulty : 3/10 (second DeS platinum)

Personal Impression : 8/10


I covered my initial impression about the game in entry No. 5 (my initial platinum) .

This platinum would be around my 25th ish run in the land of Boletaria. Knowing the layout of the game and the several intricate mechanics that a newcomer would be lost in, I went in headstrong and prepared to ruin everything. I still got my butt kicked in world 4 and 5 but it wasn't as bad as the first playthroughs ever xD

For my weapon of choice I decided to go with Sticky Compound LongBow. Paired with heavy arrows and a decent investment in Dex, game became trivial. Most enemies would die in one shot. The fatter enemies would die in 2 shots. I also used some duping for materials ,souls and arrows because as you might know, this beautiful game is plagued by some dumb mechanics and decisions so I decided to bypass the headache. 

As usual the best world is world 3 Tower of Latria, kinda one of the best horror levels in a non-horror game. Jesus that level is creepy to the max! On the opposite spectrum , world 4 and 5 are beyond crappy, especially if you are used with the Dark Souls 3 speed. To note, 5-2 is the original Blighttown/Farron Keep. Those levels have nothing on that bullshit of a valley of defilement.


Bosses...apart from Maneaters who are really dickish, they were trivial really. Special shoutout to False King Allant for still being a badass but with a bow you can even stunlock the AI of bosses, notably flamelurker. At one point he decided to stop in his tracks and ignore me while I was pelting him with arrows.


World Tendency is still crappy. Without a guide good luck figuring that mechanic out. For the black phantoms I strongly recommend investing in at least 16 STR and get the Dragon bone smasher. The black phantoms (required for a ring) hit like a truck and can very well one shot you depending on your build.


This is not a solid impression , more some random rambling about a game i've played a lot of times to obsession almost . Still it will be a very dear game to me and maybe in some time I will attempt the japanese release for my third and final platinum. But until then...time to focus on other games :) 



- Tough but fair

- The Bosses are top notch

- Beautiful lore

- Solid gameplay

- Various way to approach maps in any order

- Stockpile Thomas is a bro

- Nexus and Maiden in Black are awesome



- Clunky due to old age

- Some sections are stupidly unfair unless you know the layout by heart ( World 4-2)

- World 5-2

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:platinum: No. 65 : Call of Juarez Bound in Blood



Platinum Name : Ace of Spades 1Sf66a61.png

Hardest Trophy : D-Day  - Destroy all the rafts before they land 12S514b4e.png worst trophy by far, i'd rather replay Very Hard mode again than to try and nail all the rafts with the stupid cannon.

Difficulty  : 4/10 

Personal Impression : 8.5/10


My first FPS platinum is a western shooter developed by Polish company Techland. I have played this game on PC initially ( and finished it 5 times ) so I was very happy to find it on PS3 as well. Perfect opportunity to platinum it! 


Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is actually the prequel of the original Call of Juarez ( XBox and PC only) and tells the story of 2 brothers former Confederate soldiers turned outlaws , Ray and Thomas McCall and their wild west adventures while searching for the legendary Gold of Juarez. It is the typical Spagetti western trope that involves gunslingers, mexicans, a beautiful woman and cursed spanish gold.


This game was a blast to play. The PS3 controls felt really good  and sharp(still won't beat a mouse but oh well..) which surprised me and the graphics hold up very well to this day. All accompanied by the traditional Western tunes with some guitar riffs for extra ambience. Honestly I loved the entire US-Mexican border setting.


Gameplay wise, in most missions you can choose with which brother you wish to play : Ray , the dual wielding dynamite tossing muscle gunslinger , who can take more damage but ain't that good at long range, or Thomas, a nimble guy who can use his lasso to climb to inaccesible places and jump over obstacles , rifle expert(aiming gives you extra range) but can't take much damage before dying. Some missions you are locked with one of the brothers but most of the time I preferred playing as Ray just because he is a freakin' tank and the range is not that problematic in the first place. You can use a rifle with Ray as well.


Worth of mention is that there are 2 levels in the game where you have free reigns over your gameplay. While all the regular missions have a target to reach, in these 2 missions you have an open map and you can do whatever you want. You can pick up to 3 bounty contracts, you can go search for hidden caches of money or assault poor peasants. It's a welcomed sandbox experience and it is sad that they didn't developed further on that part.


Multiplayer is surprisingly fun and it's a shame nowadays it's a dead mode. You have several modes to choose from (Wild West Legends was a favourite ) and basically all modes it's lawmen vs outlaws. Farming for the 1 million dollars with a boosting team ( thanks guys! ) didn't feel boring at all and even by playing legit you can have a ton of fun also!! Provided you can find players that is.


There are minor issues with the game. Sometimes the environment just dissapears into thin air, on Very Hard mode the AI can be very cheating (spamming dynamite that one shots you) and the third brother William is a real nuisance. Although he is there only to tell the story, I really hated him, he is way too wimpy.


But besides those minor nitpicks, Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is definelty a must play if you enjoy both shooters and western themes. I only wished they would remaster the first Call of Juarez on PS4 or bring back Gunslinger. Call of Juarez the Cartel can die peacefully like the trash game it is though. 



- a true Western experience

- guns are fun to use

- the most fun multiplayer I've had in a while

- Ray is a badass

- brother combo works wonders

- the intermissions where you go bounty hunting are a delight



- Thomas is not as good as Ray gameplay wise

- William deserves to be shot, he's an oblivious little shit

- original Call of Juarez is not available on consoles


Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No.66 : Deadpool (PS3)


Platinum Name : Ok, you can sell the game now! 1S118b53.png

Hardest Trophy : Know DP? Know Madness - Finish the game on Ultra Violence mode 40S341494.png

Difficulty : 5/10

Personal Impression : 7/10 as a game, 9/10 as a comedy.


Deadpool is an "unique" action game developed by High Moon Studios whose protagonist is none other than the famous Merc with a mouth Deadpool. 


As you would expect, this game does not take itself seriously at all. Deadpool is notorious for always breaking the 4th wall, full of jokes and puns and treating everything with a dose of insanity. One of the best examples of this ridiculous game is when you reach the Death level, where Deadpool and his lover Death herself ( Deadpool can't die ,get it? ) go around in some ancient tombs while blasting clones, collecting treasure and talking with Deadpool's inner mind (DEADPOOLIO THE AMAZING part).


Story doesn't matter here. Big bad boss is Sinister and his army of neverending clones. All perfect reason for mr DP to shish kebab everything and everyone. Of course, the X-men cast show up together with the best time traveller in Marvel history, Cable. Honestly the interaction between Deadpool and Cable are some of the funniest moments in videogames. At one point even Cable in all his seriousness adopts Deadpool's methods when shooting and blasting. pretty bare-boned although flashy. Melee weapons are fancy and you have lots of special moves(all which can be bought from the skill upgrade tree in exchange of coins), however the real damage dealers are the guns. Even the basic pistols ,after being fully upgraded, can 2-shot most enemies. However without Deadpool and his antics the game will be one big borefest. Imagine Asura's Wrath but with Deadpool.


The trophies were most of the time a pain. Especially the combo ones, the one that requires you to jump through a sewer without falling into the water(nasty trophy) and the Ultra Violence mode. In Ultra Violence mode the most dangerous are by far the machine gunners. One can kill you in 2 seconds, imagine being attacked by 12. It wasn't my most favourite part of the game for sure. Besides, Deadpool's antics became abit boring on the second playthrough. You also have challenge mode where you fight waves of enemies but the mode is pretty simple if you upgrade all your weapons.


All in all a pretty decent game, good to have lots of laughs. While gameplay is forgettable, the comedy is top notch. Sadly this game has been delisted therefore you can only grab it physically.



- the humor

- Deadpool's antics

- really, just Deadpool antics

- the X-Men and Cable



- without Deadpool this game would actually suck

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💯 No 6 : Guilty Gear Accent Core +R




Hardest Trophy : Gold Order - Finish Survival Mode and defeat Gold Order Sol 4Mfe9686.png

Difficulty : 6/10

Personal Impression : 9/10


After gruelling struggles , finally 100% on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R has been achieved.


This is easily the best Guilty Gear game in the franchise (sorry Xrd , XX iteration is still the best). After lots of patches and updates, this is the final most complete version of the XX series you can ever find. Most important : Justice (the cheapest character of the series ever) has been greatly toned down and balanced so she can be used in proper fights.


I had a lot of fun completing this game together with all the story mode paths but MAN survival was tough! Without proper planning and a dash of luck that trophy is impossible! However it is VERY fun and honestly all that hard work finally paid off(attempted survival over 20 times, it's really discouraging to fail at stage 920/999). Also the final boss Gold Order Sol is stupidly strong.


Sadly online is dead. Truth be told I have bought my second PS3 just for this game alone so I had to boost with myself. However back in the glorious online days this game was a blast.


Loved 100% ing this game. Way more exciting than most of the platinums that I have. I don't think I would have a wanted a platinum on this one, it's more charming like this.



- the most complete Guilty Gear XX version

- solid gameplay from the time when you had to git gud

- Dizzy is still bae



- only on PS3

- Japanese companies would rather seppuku than do a decent netcode

Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No. 67 : Devil May Cry (PS3)



Platinum Name : Platinum Trophy 1S9d57c2.png (inspired, cute image though)

Hardest Trophy : Combustible !!! - Finish the game in Dante Must Die mode 4S5343d1.png

Difficulty : 6/10

Personal Impression : 7.5/10


I covered my impressions about this game on my original post, when I first platinumed this game on PS4 ( see entry No. 24). So... instead I will just rate the bosses from worst to best as I encountered them on DMD mode.


8.Special Mention : The camera - Easily the worst boss in the entire game, most of the times I died because the stupid camera went bonkers just by moving around. Not to mention that targeting the enemy makes the camera try (and fail) to go behind you. All in all...better have some motion sickness pills cause you are in for a ride!


Griffin 2: The reason why I consider this to be the worst actual boss fight in the game is because : You are on a ship, cramped space, Griffin flies 75% of the time and you can't hit him while he pelts you with lightning attacks, when he lands on the ship you better be on the mast else you are toast and what's worse, he shoots an orange lightning attack at you that acts as a magnet of some sorts. When it hits you, you get launched in the air helpless and you get additional damage. Only by shooting that thing you get rid of it. Not to mention that the camera again doesn't help at all.


7.Nightmare 3: The final Nightmare fight is the second hardest in the game. While the first phase is pretty decent (even if Nightmare swallows you , you fight against a weakened version of Nelo Angelo, even more reason to do lots of damage), at some point Trish starts to shoot lightning at you from afar. Even worse, once you kill Nightmare, SURPRISE! He recovers 25% HP, leaves his orb wide open (his only damaging point) and starts shooting lasers and slime everywhere. I hope you have a spare untouchable because else you will be dead instantly. Extremely cheap and unfair. On top of that Nightmare has the bad habit of sucking your DT runes, activating Devil Trigger itself.


6.Mundus 1: After all the hacking and slashing, the first fight against Mundus is...shoot'em up IN SPACE. You also have the Y axis inverted, making everything very confusing. It's a very stupid fight, Mundus has a shield covered by 4 rune balls that you must shoot, all while he covers the screen in bullets, debris, lightning and a mega laser of doom that shaves off half your HP. Even by blasting down his shield, shooting him does little to no damage, you have to actually activate your DT to fire some lame dragon at him. AND EVEN THEN it's recommended to have a full DT bar to fire at him , firing a dragon only with 3 DT runes does pathetic damage. Just spam all the Devil Stars that you collected over your playthrough here and be done with it. 


5.Griffin 1/3: Compared to the abysmal Griffin 2, fights 1/3 are pretty simple. Griffin is a decent boss fight, however its worst part is that on fight 3 he flies off the screen. You have to climb a collosseum while avoiding a barrage of lightning in order to actually kick him off and do decent damage on him.


4.Mundus 2: By far the hardest fight of the game. All of Mundus' attacks can just obliterate you. He has a huge array of attacks ranging from flying shooting orbs, meteor showers, wave attacks, a straight punch, lava and summoning a dragon to do his dirty work. The dragon is the best since killing it gives you back 50% of your hp bar. This is an endurance battle, make sure to spam untouchables when he gets to 25% of HP. Make sure to collect ALL untouchables on Normal and Hard and save them for this final boss.


3.Nightmare 1/2: Despite being a pretty dangerous boss, Nightmare 1/2 is quite simple really. Just circle him, let him do his weird attacks then when his core is vulnerable spam charged Ifrit hits. Go hit the rune circle so he materializes then rinse and repeat. Pretty simple stuff. If he swallows you don't worry, kill the mini-boss (Phantom or Griffin), that will take a huge chunk off his health. Patience will solve this fight.


2.Phantom 1/2: The first boss you will actually face in the game and the first boss to actually kick your ass, Phantom is an iconic enemy in DMC lore and the one that introduced us to Dante as a cheeky demon hunter. While Phantom has lots of attacks which pack a punch in DMD mode : Equip Sparda and Helm Break his ass (literally). He will go down pretty fast.


1.Nelo Angelo 1/2/3: Best boss fight in the entire game. Facing your dear corrupted brother gets better and better each fight. The final fight especially when Nelo drops his stupid helmet and starts throwing summoned swords and meteors at you is one of the most clenching moments in the game. He is fast, he is tough and he can be defeated only by mastering everything you have learned in the game. Just make sure you can control the camera properly before facing him.


That is all for now, a great game of the golden PS2 era. Really a blast to replay it!




- the beginning of a legendary franchise, with a compelling main character

- tight combat for the time it was released

- awesome bosses

- aerial gunplay

- soundtrack and atmosphere




- camera is the true boss of the game; worst I've ever seen

- underwater section is lackluster

- final fight against Mundus includes an atrocious flight section

Edited by Copanele

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💯 No. 7 : Skullgirls Encore (PS3)



Hardest Trophy : :silver: Skullgirls - Complete the tutorial 2S9ca4b5.png

Difficulty : 4/10

Personal Impression : 8,5/10


I have only recently discovered this cute fighting game and I must say I am very impressed! Everything, from the wacky artstyle, to the awesome jazz music and the surprisingly consistent combat, really appealed to me. The story of each cast in the game is some dark story said in cute lights (I feel sorry for Peacock especially). 

The combat is surprisingly deep. The hardest trophy Skullgirls asks you at one mission to deliver a 15-17 hits combo. While it was difficult, it was one of the most satisfying experiences in the game.


Sadly due to DLC characters and the limited content, I can't give this game more than 8,5/10. HOWEVER It convinced me to buy 2nd Encore for PS4, heard that one is truly awesome and tough as nails. 




- tight combat and mechanics

- beautiful unique characters

- hand-drawn animation

- one of the best tutorials ever




- story could use some development

- best to go for Skullgirls 2nd Encore for the full experience

Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No. 68 : Jotun - Valhalla Edition



Platinum Name : :platinum: Worthy of Legend 1Sc0338c.png

Hardest Trophy : :gold: Perfect Valhalla - Defeat Valhalla Mode without taking damage 35S77a2b3.png

Difficulty : 8/10 - Heavily RNG dependent, Valhalla Mode will kick your ass

Personal Impression : 8,5/10


A truly personal favorite, Jotun is one of the best indies I have played in later years. In this game you are playing as the young viking woman Thora, who has found herself into the Eternal Norse Void Ginnungagap. She is tested by the Norse god Odin and has to defeat several powerful entities called Jotuns in order to prove herself worthy to join her fellow warriors in Valhalla.


From the first moments of the game I could tell this will be a game for me. The whole world and the Jotuns are hand-drawn frame-by-frame, accompanied by beautiful ambiental music according to the world you are exploring. The whole narration is in icelandic which contributes to the atmosphere even more.


Each of the world is perfectly represented as it was depicted in the old Norse legends : Jotunheim is a green covered by nature world, while on the other hand Muspelheim is a lava filled area that looks like the inside of a volcano. You can also find many references to old legends, such as Brokkr's Forge (the place where Mjolnir was forged) or the Lake of the Nine where the World Serpent resides.


In combat, Thora can use her trusty axe : She has a light attack, a heavy attack (that can be charged and timed) and a roll attack. Also she can collect various artefacts called Apples of Idunn that increase her life and several God powers : Thor gives you lightning damage, Freja gives speed and so on. Thora will need all the help she can find in order to defeat the Jotuns : Elemental giants that each have specific attacks according to the area they reside in.


Fighting the Jotuns is the bread and butter of this game. Each Jotun has 2 phases,  getting more aggressive the more damage it takes.In order to defeat them you need not only to be skilled, but to also figure out the proper way to defeat the Jotun. For example, when fighting Ise the Frost Giant (the one on the cover of the game), getting his life to half will turn the entire area to ice -> means you will slip every time you will try to run. You need to know how to "slide" in order to not get flattened by the Jotun.


The game also has Valhalla Mode , basically a boss rush and the hardest part of the game. All Jotuns get 3 phases and some of them are infuriating to defeat, especially given the conditions for 2 of the gold trophies : Shun the Gods (Use no powers ) and Perfect Valhalla (No damage taken). The bosses can be attempted as many times as wished, in any desired order. Personally, I found Kaunan to be horrendous in Shun the Gods and Hagalaz in Perfect Valhalla. Their attacks are purely based on RNG and I found this to be the less enjoyable part of the playthrough.


Still, it's a really great game, I really enjoyed it. I plan getting the other game made by the developers, Sundered. Heard it's just as brutal but in Lovecraftian universe.




- beautiful hand-drawn animation and an accurate representation of Norse mythology

- Thora is a compelling character

- Icelanding voice acting

- interesting levels with awesome bosses




- RNG based attacks can get really frustrating especially in Valhalla Mode

- Left me asking for more Jotun

Edited by Copanele

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That’s a really amazing trophy collection you’ve got there! Nice to see another trophy hunter who doesn’t pad their collection with a bunch of garbage games stacked multiple times. All the games on your list are great, and many of them are very impressive platinums as well. Keep up the great work man!! 😁


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2 hours ago, dieselmanchild said:

That’s a really amazing trophy collection you’ve got there! Nice to see another trophy hunter who doesn’t pad their collection with a bunch of garbage games stacked multiple times. All the games on your list are great, and many of them are very impressive platinums as well. Keep up the great work man!! 1f601.png

Thanks for the appreciation! I am honestly going just for the fun and appealing ones ( yes even the Mayo one, had fun with it xD )

I should definetly ante up my writing skills though.


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:platinum: No. 69 : Devil May Cry 3(PS4)



Platinum Name : Platinum Trophy 1S8f0bf0.png

Hardest Trophy : Hell Hath No Fury.. - Finish the game on Dante Must Die mode 5Sedd77a.png

Difficulty : 6/10 - Although the controls are very refined, DMD mode will test your limits

PERSONAL DIFFICULTY NOW : 1/10 - Boy I can play this game eyes closed. Do you even Jump Cancel Starfall Beowulf bro?

Personal impression : 9.5/10 . SSS rank - best action game I ever played


Ok so, I guess people who know me already know what I feel about DMC3. If you want more insight please check entry No. 25, no reason to write it again. Instead, I will note down the boss ranking + some tips underneath for DMD mode, just like I did in DMC1 entry:


14. Arkham : The only crap boss of the game. A blob of some sorts after failing to assimilate Sparda's power(he's a dumb bald human,what did he expect?), he just flails around and spawns some weird...flying snakes? with crazy tracking, really hard to dodge. After taking a set amount of damage he bails out and spawns a ton of disgusting eels that just love tackling you. Best part of the fight is that at 50% HP vergil joins the fight and helps you. Overall a forgetful boss. 

Tips : Do make sure you have Kalina Ann equipped for the nasty eels and Rebellion. Other weapons do pitiful damage. Also Vergil can be controlled with a second controller if you wish, it is stylish. Jackpot!

13. Gigapede : A mediocre boss, Gigapede just runs around the arena from worm hole to worm hole,eventually spitting various energy balls at you. He is an easy opponent, just make sure you aren't stuck on the floor level. Either ride him or stay on the other platforms to avoid his ball attacks.

Tips : Jump on him and attack his head only for max damage. The purple orbs can be reflected back ,that also deals massive damage. Beowulf recommended.

12. Damned Chess board: While this isn't a "traditional" boss fight, you have to fight an entire chess board. It's really unique,each piece have their corresponding moveset (pawns get changed into other pieces at the end of the board, King can Castle with the Rooks, you know the usual chess rules). Problem is that on DMD mode this board can get VERY annoying.

Tips : Beowulf only, target only the king. Try to kill only one Rook eventually. Then focus only on the King. BE MINDFUL OF THE QUEEN'S CACKLE! If she does that , she is targeting you.

11. Jester : Compared to Arkham, Jester is a way better boss. He is ANNOYING as all clowns are! He either dances, slaps his butt and...spawns a fuckton of electric balls while mocking you. You need patience and honestly the trickster style to avoid all that barrage. On later fights he summons a huge ball that spits explosives at you.

Tips : Beowulf + Charged DT release. Try to dish out as much damage as possible, this is an attrition fight surprisingly.

10. Hell Vanguard: The "fake" tutorial fight. Hell Vanguard is basically Death that has 2 attacks : Scythe swipe ( you can reflect that attack for style build) or teleportation up to 3 times depending on where it spawns. It's the first boss that teaches you the mechanics of the game.

Tips : Uhh...learn the mechanics? Anything goes, honestly if you can't beat this boss...better replay 1st level.

9. Geryon: The time horsey! Geryon is quite the challenging boss, it draws a carriage and has several time stopping skills. Also his fire storm summons are quite nasty. Good part, it drops the super fun Quicksilver skill.

Tips : Jump on his carriage while he is running around and just spam Beowulf. When he stops Jump Cancel Beowulf on him and be mindful of his time stop skills. Also do not rush. Trickster works best in this occasion.

8. Lady : Probably the second best Lore fight after Vergil. Lady is surprisingly tough considering she's just basically a schoolgirl with bazooka and machine guns. Most of her gun attacks have a knockback effect and her missiles track insanely well. The only annoying part is that she runs like crazy half the fight.

Tips : Take your time, don't rush, use rebellion Stinger to keep up with her. She has pitiful health anyway (she is a human after all)

7. Doppelganger : Time for your evil-self fight! Doppelganger is your shadow that attacks with either Rebellion or Dark Beowulf. The interesting part is that you cannot damage Doppelganger unless you get him into the light. Luckily on the walls there are numerous shut eyes that will open with enough dealt damage. Just attract Doppelganger near one and open the eye, he will get stunned, perfect moment for you to dish out damage with Beowulf(light based weapon, the others don't work as well). If you manage to open all the eyes, Doppelganger gets stunned a very long time and gets more damage. On DMD that's impossible though.

Tips : Beowulf as usual. Also when Doppelganger shoots charged attacks you can reflect them back. Careful, he can do that too so you just ping-pong for 5 times until he can't reflect anymore,it deals massive damage.

6. Leviathan : Rather his hearts, this...boss fight has 3 parts : 2 side hearts (left one drains your red/green orbs and right one drains your DT) and one main heart that opens after either of the side hearts falls. It might spit lasers or energy balls. You need to kill the main heart,the side ones just regenerates. To make matters more complicated, several grunts spawn indefinetly.

Tips : Focus on the right side heart. That will prevent draining your DT, also it can be JC ed with Beowulf. 

5. Agni & Rudra : The first 2v1 fight, one controls wind while the other controls fire. Quite a tough boss honestly, but also a very good boss which unfortunately suffers from the drunk cameraman effect. Just be on your toes here, they don't have specific weaknesses.

Tips : For this one pick Cerberus and Beowulf. Use Revolver on either of the bosses to parry their attacks until they drop their sword and then punish time with Beowulf! Make sure you beat them both at the same time, when they combine their swords the boss gets 3 times tougher,you do NOT want that.

4. Beowulf : A really tough fight. Beowulf himself has several punch attacks, drops cages from the ceiling, 2 AoE attacks and a really nasty far ranged feather missiles attack. He is really fun to fight though, mastering him takes several playthroughs.

Tips: For starters, his eye takes increased damage and stuns him for a while(careful,he flails). Apply the Dark Soul strategy of "get behind him and smack that booty". ALSO KEEP NEAR HIM AT ALL COSTS! If he runs away too far he will use that feather attack which does massive damage and it's damn near impossible to dodge. Use only Rebellion on him.

3. Cerberus : The ACTUAL tutorial Boss, Cerberus teaches you how to fight DMC3 bosses. It has 3 heads duh, each head has different attacks, has a charge move,a maul move, a swipe move...all you can eat buffet.

Tips : Ebony and Ivory to clean off the ice from the heads. Either Rebellion with Swordmaster mode(aerial rave) or Beowulf JC on the heads. Don't Rush. Preferrably keep the Ice Floor head alive for last.

2. Nevan : LET'S ROCK BABY! God I love Nevan. Who doesn't truthfully? She is a Vampire Demon who drops the sickest guitar in all videogames. She has a ton of attacks ,3 phases, lots of electric moves, too many to describe.

Tips : Bait her Spinning attack, after that she starts laughing abit, perfect time to dish out damage to her bat shield with Rebellion. After the shield falls, DT release + Beowulf. In her 3rd phase she drops her shield and chases you to suck your DT dry : Jump, spam E&I for a while then JC Beowulf on her.

1. Vergil : Best. Boss. Ever. Vergil is mirroring you in all his fights : Fight 1 is only him with the Yamato, fight 2 brings Beowulf to the side and fight 3 spawns Force Edge+Yamato. His DMD fight is VERY tough, lengthy and can last forever. Remember Vergil in DT mode recovers health just like you, be mindful when you use your attacks!

Tips : There are none. Just Git Gud, his 3rd Fight is one to remember!


That is all, thank you DMC3 for giving me all these fond memories. By far the best action game I ever played.




- Dante

- Weapons

- Story

- Combat

- Bosses

- Everything




- Pizza got stepped on by demons

- Arkham is still a shit boss

Edited by Copanele

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:platinum: No.70 + 100% DLC : MK XL




Platinum Name : Platinum Trophy 1S989e0e.png

Hardest Trophy : Keep it Secret - Find a secret fight in Secret Tower 13Scda705.png

Difficulty : 5/10 - a mixture of annoying trophies and grindy online part

Personal Impression : 7.5/10


After the succesful reboot of MK franchise with MK9, Netherrealm continues the saga of ninjas, shaolins and weird aliens from other realms in this new installment. MK X takes place several years after the events of MK 9 , where the Elder God Shinnok tries to take over the realms. It;s up to the Kombatants to stop him.


First of all : The story is crap. The story has never been MK's forte, but my god it's so dumb in MK X. The newly introduced characters Jacqui, Kung Jin and that annoyance Cassie cage fail to replace the main cast. Only Takeda the "adopted" shirai Ryu ninja saves the mood with his antics. But of course, I won't dwell too much on the stupid story where Johnny Cage is the "chosen one" , sooo let's move onto the main stage : The Kombat!


And boy did I enjoy the gameplay in this game. Graphics have been finessed, the combos and hitboxes have been reworked, it's a joy to slam the poor suckers into the ground or uppercut them into the sky. No complains there, every character (well maybe except D'Vorah) is competent and if you invest time you won't be dissapointed. The game supports also a solid tutorial and lots and LOTS of game modes, a VERY good netcode and proper connection. Not to mention, the DLC characters are quite impressive too ! Alien vs Predator? Check. Leatherface vs Jason? DOUBLE CHECK! Even Tania and that stupid Bo Rai Cho are a delight to play as.


However there are things that pissed me off. For starters, I had to wait for a full mega discount on MK XL to buy it, it was plagued with microtransactions at launch. Horrible to buy when it first launched. Then, THE KRYPT. Honestly TO HELL WITH THE KRYPT. Shoot the idiot who decided that jumpscares are fun. At least they improved it big time in MK 11.


In terms of platinum difficulty, this game is annoying. Not as time consuming as mk9 (that one is one hell of a beast), but there's lots of time based events : Secret Fights(good luck finding a tower, you have to wait 1 week for it to change), finding modifiers(hourly towers), that STUPID KING OF THE HILL GRIND PLEASE GET RID OF IT and 10 wins in a row in ranked which gladly it can be exploited. Also the "no combo with Bo Rai Cho " trophy in Ranked, You really have to pray some poor sucker that cannot block will join you so you can spam uppercuts. It's a lot of "gambling" involved in the platinum, which wasn't really to my taste. At least it was harder than MK11.


Also... MK is not my cup of tea. That's why I give it only a 7.5/10 which is "good" in my books but not enough to want me to return to it. Currently at the bottom of my list in terms of fighting games. But I won't deny it, I had my share of fun while playing it. Especially that 10 combo with each character trophy, it was delightful.




- Tight combat - better than MK9

- Finally a decent connectivity

- Tons of modes to enjoy

- Huge character roster + DLC




- Lots of event (waiting 1 week for premier towers is annoying)

- Story is stupid even by MK standards

- Annoying new cast - especially Cassie Cage

Edited by Copanele

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Since the end of the year is coming, time to revise what I have to complete and priorities. This is mostly made so I can better keep track of the important stuff. Therefore : 



1. Completed more "Platinum Opinions and Impressions" section. Reached plat 45, writing is quite slow and lazily at some parts (since I can only write during work). Best to complete them and then I might edit the parts that I don't like. Still, 46-60 will be a ton of writing since there's some games that I truly loved, naming Witcher 3 and DMC5.

2. Multiplayer focus. I do wish to complete all the MP trophies just so I can enjoy the beautiful SP campaigns ( I am not a big fan of multiplayer). Therefore, a list with games, in order of their priority (of course PS3 is first):


1.Batman Arkham Origins(Boosting needed)

2.Blur(Boosting needed)

3.Mortal Kombat 9


1.Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- 

2.Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Boosting needed)

3.Street Fighter 5

4.Overwatch(Boosting probably needed)


The focus will be mainly PS3 since servers won't be up forever. So far the worst offender is Arkham Origins, the MP is so bad it's a wonder how it's still up.

Blur requires extra skill but at least it works properly.

MK9 while horrible to boost (KOTH respect points), the second ps3 will greatly help.

PS4 can wait, I doubt they will kill any server any time sooner(not sure about Guilty Gear, but then again Accent Core is still up and that's a PS3 title).


After all this onlinery, the aim is to complete all PS3 titles within 1 year and 1.5 months so I can finally put the console to rest. PS3 was great but for what it can offer to me at this point, I am better off playing the titles on PC.

3. Milestone decision. I believe ultimately I will pick the games that I had fond memories on PC as my milestones from now on. Except Asura's Wrath, I do have platinums that were beautiful PC games back on the day. Therefore, I will clearly focus on Titan Quest as my 75th plat and Mount and Blade Warband as my 100th. Let's see if I can hold on to my promise though xD 


That is all for now, gotta plan in advance for next days. Focusing on community events (how I love them, they really are fun), which means...more anime games. Ugh.


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For better trackability, decided to list all PS3 backlog games that I wish to finish : 


1.   L.A. Noire (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target, all DLC purchased)

2.   Bioshock Infinte (all DLC purchased)

3.   Dragon's Dogma (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target)

4.   Middle-Earth : Shadow of Mordor

5.   PES2015(Platinum unobtainable, going only for offline trophies only, low priority )

6.   Duke Nukem Forever (all DLC purchased)

7.   Mirror's Edge (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target, all DLC purchased)

8.   Far Cry 3

9.   Batman Arkham Asylum

10. Blur (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target, high MP priority)

11. Bayonetta(Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target)

12. Batman: Arkham City (all DLC purchased)

13. Catherine (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target)

14. Mini Ninjas

15. The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

16. Brutal Legend (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target, MP completed, all DLC purchased)

17. Far Cry 4 (MP completed)

18. Alice: Madness Returns (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target)

19. Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target, MP completed)

20. Mortal Kombat 9 (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target)

21. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target)

22. J-Stars Victory Vs+ (Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Backlog Challenge target)

23. Batman: Arkham Origins (Ultra Rare Cleanup 2020 target, MP complete, all DLC purchased)

24. Enslaved: Oddysey to the West

25. Beyond Good and Evil

26. DmC Devil May Cry

27. DMC2

28. Castlevania Lords of Shadow(+DLC)

29. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2(+DLC)


I do have a full year ahead in terms of gaming it seems.

Edited by Copanele

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