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How is the length of this game compared to Yakuza Kiwami?


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How is the length of this game compared to Yakuza Kiwami 2? I think I spent around 80 hours in that game. Kiwami 2 story is a few chapters longer, has a bonus campaign with Majima, more Mahjong requirements, Hostess club stuff and so on. 

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Probably slightly longer depending on how well Mahjong and other grinds go, such as the Majima Construction and the Hostess Club mini-games. I would at least try and get some of the Mahjong stuff done in a single playthrough or try to get a decent amount of Riichi/Tsumo's (you need 30, so getting 20 or so would probably be ideal depending on when the game decides it wants to give you a good hand) but you can take the long way and go into NG+ and get the three Peerless Tiles cheat items that let you instantly win a game and repeat that until you do the Mahjong stuff but keep in mind that doing this means replaying the story a lot and you will also have to re-do the Hostess Club and Majima Construction storylines too since those are the only things that don't carry over for completion in NG+.


But if you do the Hostess and Majima Construction games in NG+ after beating them or getting to a certain point in their storylines your hostesses and units will carry over making the mini-games less of a grind somewhat.


Apart from those, Majima's campaign isn't that long. It's only a couple hours at most.

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