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Hey everyone, as you may have noticed in the Media Room over the last year, @Bushido7745785 and myself started asking the community here for responses to topic ideas for our podcast, Plat Cast. As of July 22, 2019, Plat Cast is officially a year old! Plat Cast started as a fun podcast between Zack and myself (Dillan) goofing off talking about trophies and we didn't expect much to come out of it and I personally have been floored by the response we have received, from every person that has submitted an answer to a topic on the forums, signed up for our patreon, ( if you feel inclined to join) or have joined our discord ( We have big things planned for year two and beyond and we couldn't have started that journey without your constant support. I have met (digitally) so many of you and have helped or have been helped get some of the more annoying trophies. I have been introduced to some of my new favorite games thanks to fans saying "You should play this!" or assigning us games through our patreon. Lastly, I have met people I consider to truly be friends through the podcast so from the bottom of my heart thank you.


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No, thank you for providing us with quality content. You guys are doing a great job and have made a community worth being a part of. Thanks for everything you guys do, it’s one of my highlights of the week when a new podcast drops. Here’s to year 2! 


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