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@ZachGM91 I think one of the problems of Outlast 2 is the payoff if you beat a boss (or successfully run away since you can't really fight that much). I felt relieved after the doctor died in the first game, but never had a similiar feeling in Outlast 2.


One is dying off screen ffs...



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6 hours ago, StilRh said:

Weekend update. I've been able to get back in the game with my days off. Cold Steel has been completed and I'm on the 2nd playthrough now. After that cliff hanger I insta-bought the sequel and will add to the challenge when I get more of my challenge games completed. Thinking about my vita selection, might try Tokyo Xandu while I've got the taste for Nihon Falcom games :) I'm looking for a bit of a palate cleanser aswel, playing JRPGs with a guide as you're sweating about missables is a stressful way of playing at times - I want some mindless fun.


Tokyo Xanadu is going to require a minimum of two playthroughs to 100%, three is much easier because nightmare + infinity mode is pretty brutal, so you could easily do a more mindless blind run to enjoy the story and then get the missables on your second run and use the last for anything remaining you still may have missed.  It isn't too bad to do three runs, infinity mode on easy difficulty is a breeze and it can be nice to have that blind run first.  If you go the three playthrough route, do the infinity mode run second and try to get S ranks in the dungeons and all the treasure for sure on that run.

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