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Came across an odd game breaking glitch/crash and just want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.


I am on my second play through and have both the Abyssal Armor and the Panoply of Champions. The entire game so far from restart to now I have worn the Abyssal Armor, had targeting set to 'hold', and damage output was shown on the screen with there being no problems to my game. I get to the Angelic Stronghold and get my butt handed to me (level 68, 23 Health, 24 Strength, 23 Arcane). On reload I am back at Vulgrim Location The Putrid Pool.


Decide to switch my armor to Panoply of Champions, make it to the Angelic Champion but this time during the fight I notice that the Champion goes from half health to full health a few attacks before he kills me (did not know this was a move of his). I respawn and make it back to the Angelic Stronghold and the game crashes on me.


On reboot, the game restarts me in the factory building right before you swing the gap and get outside to use the bomb bug to get the Mansk that allows you to get over to the Angelic Stronghold without the walls being destroyed or the Human being saved. Did everything again, died to the Champion for the third time and this time the screen goes black, nothing loading or game doing anything.


Reloaded again, started in the factory again but this time saving the Human and using the bomb bug had been recognized but the Mansk still had to be knocked into the pit. Turned off Damage output being shown on the screen and died again (I am just really bad at dodging attacks) but once again the Angelic Champions' health is restored fully on screen right as I die. Sam black screen as last time, game crash.


This last time I once again make sure damage indicator is off and switch back to the Abyssal Armor and am able to get through the battle and the game continues without crashing/glitching. Not sure why this happened, but perhaps the game doesn't like going through the story with armor from The Crucible?

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