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1 hour ago, bduarte1 said:


Man, it was kinda hard to find a decent image to work with as the majority of them are at very low resolutions, so tried my best and used the one i thought was the better one, hope u like it




just kidding 1f62c.png1f62c.png




Finding a good image to use was hard, so if u have a better one and wanna use it feel free to ask for any changes, hope u like it.


Very humorous stuff, that first one definitely captures one of her better angles😉. Seriously though I'm really pleased with what you came up with. I'll have a look around for some better images but honestly I'm pretty happy with the one you chose. Many thanks.  


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On 14.10.2017 at 6:14 AM, bduarte1 said:


hope u like it



thanks man thats GREAT !!!!!!! :)


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Hey guys,


if anyone would be willing to make a Crash bandicoot N-sane trilogy look signature that would be awesome.

I have the following guidelines / pictures I would like if that is possible in any way


- Character / Theme to be used:

Crash Bandicoot, A huge ++ would be this picture:


- Horizontal or Vertical

- Horizontal signature


- Specific text:



- Any specific requests within the signature:

If my name "DeluZiion" can be made with the N-sane trilogy letter style that would be insane skills; for example these letters:


- Specific forum member:

I don't mind anybody. It's already greatly appreciated if anyone would help with this :)!


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