Remnant: From the Ashes trophy list

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Platinum – From the Ashes – Acquire all trophies


Gold Trophies

Gold – Not So Special – Defeat 100 special enemies


Gold – Like a Boss – Upgrade a boss weapon to +5


Gold (Hidden) – Dark Awakening – Defeat the (Hidden for spoilers)


Silver Trophies

Silver – Unleash Your Potential – Acquire 30 traits


Silver- Equipment Enthusiast – Acquire 10 armor sets


Silver – Push It to the Limit – Upgrade any weapon to +20


Silver – Mod Enthusiast – Acquire 15 weapon mods


Silver – Trait Dabbler – Upgrade any trait to 10


Silver Trait Focus – Upgrade any trait to 20


Silver – Scrap Collector – Acquire 200,000 scrap


Silver – Ready For Action – Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss


Silver (Hidden) – The Bigger They Are… – Defeat the Ent


Silver (Hidden) – Watch the Totems! – Defeat the Totem Father


Silver (Hidden) – Wolf of the Woods – Defeat the Pan Wolf


Silver (Hidden) – Undying, Eh? – Defeat the Undying King


Silver (Hidden) – The Keymasters – Defeat the Clavigar


Silver (Hidden) – Butterfly Effect – Defeat Ixillis XV


Bronze Trophies

Bronze – This Watch… – Acquire Mudtooth’s pocket watch


Bronze – Heart of a Dragon – Upgrade Dragon Heart


Bronze – Precious – Return Ring to Reggie


Bronze – Scrap Harvester – Acquire 100,000 scrap


Bronze – Mod Collector – Acquire 5 weapon mods


Bronze – One Person’s Scrap… – Acquire 50,000 scrap


Bronze – First…But Not the Last! – Acquire first trait


Bronze – Hard Choices – Upgrade first weapon


Bronze – Fade to White – Activate the Ward 13 world Stone


Bronze – Halfway There – Upgrade any weapon to +10


Bronze – Good Start – Acquire 10 traits


Bronze – That’s a Lot of Traits! – Acquire 20 Traits


Bronze – Equipment Collector – Acquire 5 armor sets


Bronze (Hidden) – Untouchable – Defeat a world boss in single player without taking damage


Bronze (Hidden) – Are You Ok? – Meet the Root Mother


Bronze (Hidden) – What is the Labyrinth? – Meet the Labyrinth Keeper


Bronze (Hidden) – Death Warmed Over – Meet the Undying King


Bronze (Hidden) – Like a Moth to a Flame – Meet the Swamp Queen


Bronze (Hidden) – Changing of the Guard – Meet the Pan Rebel Leader


Bronze (Hidden) – The Founder – Meet Andrew Ford


Bronze (Hidden) – Fire in the Sky – Defeat Singe


Bronze (Hidden) – Shot Through the Heart – return the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Undying King


Bronze (Hidden) – Not So Lucky – Return Coin to Ace



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This seems pretty average eveeyday plat, unless something weapon related is hard.


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Looks good, not sure yet if any of these will be a tedious grind.


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