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Just a warning for who's playing this, has or intends to. This game generates a whopping number of save files and really large ones. Also to make things even more awesome, it seems each time it crashes it creates new ones.  Mine just crashed twice, I should be around 75% of the game and it's a meager 4.6 GB folder. Making a backup is a royal PITA.

If you finished this, making a backup if you want and erasing this is most probably a good idea.


The only other games I have that also like to eat disk space in saves are Minecraft (another favorite for junk ccap and corrupt saves) and Gran Turismo Sport, but even these are less than 10% the size of this one.



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More easier  : if you leave a world without needing to go back again, delete it at the main menu and it will also delete the savefile for this world.


The long story : each time you generate a world, a new savefile exclusive to this world is written on PS4 hard disk.

Savefile size is as terrible as Minecraft ones, especially for gigantic worlds.

So if you generate many worlds, you can have numerous savefiles, taking a *lot* of disk space.

Delete them via the in-game menu.

This does not affect your character adventure savefile which is a separate one.



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