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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit




Enjoyment: 5/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Time taken: 1 month, 1 day, 6 hours


Aside from ProStreet, Hot Pursuit has probably been my least favourite Need for Speed of the X360/PS3 era. It was made slightly more playable through the discovery of handbrake drifting around tight corners, but even this manoeuvre isn't without its flaws. I'll be honest, I was close to smashing my PS3 controller to bits whilst doing one or two of the preview / rapid response time trials, and it's been a while since a game has made me rage to that extent! So I'm glad its over, and my controller lives to fight another day.. Now there's just one more NFS title on the PS3 that I'll be aiming to complete in the future, the first SHIFT.


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2705.png #50

Disc Jam




Enjoyment: 6/10

Difficulty: 1/10

Time taken: 1 year, 6 months, 2 weeks


Even though September 2022 is a long way away with the upcoming Gamesparks shutdown, I decided to err on the side of caution and get this finished.. Afterall, it's a pretty enjoyable game and the trophies aren't too difficult. It's a crying shame that this didn't receive a bit more love from Sony and its developers, really.








2705.png #51

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron




Enjoyment: 4/10

Difficulty: 2/10

Time taken: 2 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes


Despite having played this back in the Genesis days, I don't recall ever finishing all 17 levels, though perhaps the overwhelming feeling with this game was that I much preferred the original. Having finished gathering earthlings in Funkotron and shipping them off back to Earth this evening, that still remains to be the case. I'll openly admit that I couldn't be bothered collecting Lamont's favourite things as there was no trophy associated with doing so. and I cheesed the save system to make this a bit of a cakewalk in the end..


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Platinum Summary

Fastest: The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker [PS4] 4 days, 2 hours, 32 minutes

Slowest: Final Fantasy VII [PS4] 4 years, 5 months, 2 weeks


100% Completions

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) (EU) - [PS4]  2705.png#52 14 Dec 21

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO - [PS4] 2705.png#53 06 Feb 22 - :platinum:#35 06 Feb 22

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - [PS4] 2705.png#54 08 Feb 22 - :platinum:#36 08 Feb 22

Final Fantasy VII - [PS4] - 2705.png#55 13 Mar 22 - :platinum:#37 13 Mar 22


Must. Stop. Buying. Games. 😅


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Posted (edited)



I was going to do this as a community event, but.. I decided not to (unless there's serious demand) 😅


Instead, I'm posting this as an aim to try and finish as many PS3 games in my backlog as I can in the coming months.. The recent issues with Driver: San Francisco, Far Cry 2, Need for Speed: Underground and Watch Dogs have served as a stark reminder that the lifespan of the PS3 is on borrowed time.


PS3 game progress since 31/05/2022 (last update: 06/11/2022)

Blur - 20% - > 25% - B

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - 44% - > 54% - A

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow NEW > 2% - E

Dante's Inferno - 35% - C > 98% - A - :platinum:

DiRT 3 - NEW > 30% - A

Driver: San Francisco NEW > 31% - C

Duke Nukem Forever - 8% - > 28% - C
Echochrome - NEW > 9% - B

F1 Race Stars23% - > 33% - A

God of War - 17% - E > 82% - A

Jak II - 5% - > 18% - E

Killzone 3 - 49% - > 50% - A

Kung Fu Rabbit - 36% - C > 57% - B

Need for Speed: Shift - 10% - D > 13% - D

Silent Hill 2 NEW > 1% - E

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - NEW > 37% - B

Unreal Tournament 3 10% - > 11% - B

Wet - 2% - E 8% - D

Worms Crazy Golf - 80% - > 90% - B

Zombie Driver HD - 7% - E 23% - C


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Well, I managed to finish up the multiplayer of Driver: San Francisco [PS3] and Splinter Cell: Blacklist [PS3] prior to the original shutdown date of September 1st 2022.. Unfortunately this came at the cost of Killzone Shadow Fall [PS4] which I made a conscious decision not to start.. It was a bit frustrating that the Ubisoft games subsequently got a further month on top of an already lengthy shutdown notice, while Killzone got the grand total of about 3 weeks, but c'est la vie.


The TT Bean Dive recovery is going pretty well in terms of percentage.. though not necessarily on the games that were dived (some of it is), and this has also been helped recently by the TT Alphabet Challenge which involved unlocking a trophy with the first letter running through A-Z in order, with no more than 2 skips. I decided to skip both X and Z.

Start completion % 61.56
End completion % 58.32
Final dive % 3.24
Current completion % 60.16
Recovered completion % 1.84
Trophies needed for recovery 81
Total games dived 8

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100% Completions

Life is Strange - [PS4] - ✅#59 30 May 22 - :platinum:#40 30 May 22

Spyro the Dragon 2: Ripto's Rage! - [PS4] - ✅#60 12 Sep 22 - :platinum:#41 12 Sep 22

Animal Super Squad (EU)[PS4] - ✅#61 26 Sep 22

Monster Energy Supercross - [PS4] - ✅#62 06 Oct 22 - :platinum:#42 06 Oct 22


TT Bean Dive recovered..

Start completion % 61.56
End completion % 58.32
Final dive % 3.24
Current completion % 61.83
Recovered completion % 3.24
Recovery is complete!
Bean dive finished on 30 Sep 22  
Total games dived 8



Lately "Project PS3" has taken a bit of a break, and I've been playing against potential server shutdowns again, this time in the form of both DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 that were noted for shutdown on 03/10/22. Although it seems that this was seemingly incorrect since they've not shutdown afterall, I still feel like it was a worthy exercise to get those online elements out of the way.. I also chose to buy, start, and finish Animal Super Squad (EU) prior to the GameSparks shutdown (thanks to @clivey1990 for informing us that 100% was possible using the downgrade trick), and I've also started Onrush prior to the 'extended shutdown' on 30/11/22.


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