The Fate of Atlantis 2 Trophies won't Unlock

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I've defeated Cerberos (Bad Dog! trophy), closed all the tartoros rifts (Gaurdian of the Underworld trophy) and collected all the keepers insights (Gathering More Strength trophy) and none of them have popped. This is so frustrating. I just wanted to finish all the DLC's so I could move on from this game. I've never had this happen to me before. Does anyone have any advice?


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If you have started directly from Atlantis before finishing Pythagoras questline in the main game and The Heir of Memories lost tale, all trophies will be locked already.. 

or you toppled over an very unfortunate glitch that you'll need a new save! 


EDIT: checked your trophy list and its not to do with anything what I said, seems that an unlucky glitch

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