Cross-Save from PS4 to PS3 version is possible?

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On 2019-09-29 at 0:45 AM, KilledByMatty said:

this was actually pretty helpful because i was thinking about doing the ps3 version at some point but my character is rank 72


Well hopefully you can replicate it!


Without the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack DLC on PS3 your character will automatically be lowered to level 50 when you import him and go to play. So try simply joining somebody else’s game and see if those level specific trophies will auto-pop for you too. 🙂




As far as I’m aware, there were no other steps involved. But just for the record, immediately after joining his game (within about 10 seconds) I killed the giant robot boss Saturn in the Arid Nexus, and the trophy popped as I was reviving my friend. I didn’t notice if my friend levelled up after the boss was killed, but I don’t see how this would really make a difference. However, IF the trophy doesn’t pop for you upon joining a friend’s game, maybe try getting him to level up just to test it out.


Good luck and I hope it works out for you.


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I just cross save uploaded my lvl 53 from PS3 BL2 to HCBL2 on the PS4. Only thing that popped immediately was the '10 different outfits' trophy. Was kinda disappointing.


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