August seems a good month to play RR

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I don't know if there's too many players on vacation, but these days on the european servers at least, if you manage to play between 2am and 8am you can get very empty servers of real players. The later (or earlier) the better. If you're struggling solo play squads, sometimes there's only 4 players (1 squad) and the other 96 are bots. Even singles expect around 10 players or less.


If you have a class that can forge a good weapon or get lucky with one from a chest (or a drop or bot kill), you can get the 11 kills in solo, just actively hunt bots in areas with houses, sometimes you can even get 2 or 3 together. Trying to get the 11 kils in duos or squads only if you are coordinating with the other members of your squad.


Use "" to check how many players were on the previous match, or if you manage to see a player name that gets killed, check his profile to see how the game is going.


All the game can be platted with just some effort without boosting.


Good luck.


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