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The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Trophy Thoughts Anyone?

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I believe that's the best we could get from TWD series:


1. Not only-bronze trophies;

2. Best graphics version;

3. Good icons (only couple are bad from all except final episodes of S3 and Michonne);

4. Great for people who don't want to put games without platinum on their main account (like me);

5. No Tic-tac-toe idiotic random trophy (IMHO);

6. Finally, one line covers whole series. Not like S1 Plat + S2 100% + S3 Plat + Michonne 100% + S4 Plat, not like TWD Definitive Collection + S4 2 plats, nope.


Some downsides:


1. Small amount of trophies for such series;

2. Only unmissable trophies;

3. 35-40 hours Telltale platinum :O.


For me, I'll get that version

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10 minutes ago, ZeromusF4 said:

Does the recent "The walking dead collection" that was released on ps4 have separate stacks for all the games in it? If so I wanna get that version even if this has been cleaned up graphically.

No. The collection from last year with walking dead 1-3 in it, its also a single platinum for completing all three games. 

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Majority of the trophy art is nice, the requirements for each trophy is simply just play the game from the beginning of Season 1 all the way to the ending of Season 4 and you'll receive the platinum as for attaining the platinum myself.......


Sure why not it'd be nice to see Lee Everett one last time.

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What a great and creative way to have a trophy list, but seriously why cant telltale have make fun trophy lists?

In response to your question I cant be bothered playing a new frontier or  michonne for a third time (as well as on there own and in the walking dead collection). They are just average games and not that fun in my opinion.

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29 minutes ago, ValeNort46 said:

In an age that trophy hunters want easy plats this certainly has to be top of the list and the release of this new title will keep many happy,   I have yet to play the final season so I certainly would like to know how it all ends so a purchase from me is on the cards 

People usually want easy and fast platinum...

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Just now, MatrikPS said:

Will this serie ever end? Was happy to have complete set two times already and than, collection, box edition, definitive... Will PS5 bring remasters of remasters? Make something new.

Of course it will ;). And regions, etc.
P.S.OT: Imagine Ratalaika PS5 remasters! ;)

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I have played way too much TWD from telltale. Have played the PS3 and PS4 version + the previous collection & season 1 on PC. Maybe if i have nothing else to play and i can get the game for cheap ill go for the plat in the future. Would be nice to experience Season 1 & 2 "remastered".

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I don't know if I have the heart to play Season 1, 2 and 3, and Michonne again.


I've played the first and second season FOUR times (PS3, PS4, Vita and the Collection edition) and Michonne three times.


Who am I fooling. I will probably get this. But at 40 quid? Nope. I'll wait for a sale.

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