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Just a quick update from 2019. I was planning on making a trophy guide but ran into a few problems. Most all the trophies unlock much later than they should with some reported to unlock up to 8 hours after the requirements are met. The game also crashes frequently, normally at the end of a race. With some races being 10-15 minutes that can be a real buzz kill.


The largest problem, however, is the potential soft-lock I find myself in. After buying a new vehicle from the garage the game crashed. When I booted it back up the vehicle was still purchased. However, I am now unable to pass any race. I have up until this point gotten every single gold trophy but for the passed 2 hours I have been unable to pass... PASS any race. The enemy AI have seemingly upgraded their vehicles out matching mine in every form.


I tried upgrading my own vehicle to maximum but that only made them faster still. I sold the vehicle and got a new stock one. I tried different modes. I restarted the game. I restarted the console. And yet the enemy AI is still in an unbeatable state. Short of deleting my save data, and even then there's no way to know if that will work, I don't know how to escape this baja purgatory.


I'll keep trying for the next couple days to try and fix my game, but otherwise, I'll be calling it quits on the game and the guide.

Either way, warning to all trophy hunters:

Abandon all hope ye who grind here


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