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Just a heads up to anyone who wants to play the HK Vita stack of Volume:


This version of the game has some levels that seem to be messed up in that no matter how much you try, you can't seem to be able to read one or many texts in said levels. This may lead you to assume that it would affect the collectible trophies. However, I can confirm that it's not the case. You're safe to continue if that happens, and the collectible trophies will still pop when they should, provided you don't miss any text. I'd recommend just spamming the action button a few times on top of each text's location and then moving on, even if the text itself doesn't show up.


I just thought I'd post this here, as when I first played this version, I couldn't even make the very first text show up and so, assuming it might prevent me from obtaining the collectible trophies, I stopped playing it and only came back to it after confirmation from @CypherNova139 that that specific text only shows up if you stand on the bottom right corner. But yeah, there's absolutely nothing to worry about as I did a couple of tests and texts do indeed count as being read even if they don't show up on your screen.


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