Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) unavailable in Russia

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As for 17/09 you can't pre-order new COD game for unknown reason. Activision says to ask Sony support why you can't pre-order or participate in beta of new COD, Sony says to ask publisher. Rumors suggest reason of current game ban is Russian mass media reaction (game labeled as "western propaganda"). I personally think they removed game to work on censorship, like change names or flags of countries, removing references to historical events and etc (like Bethesda did with Wolfenstein in Germany). CoD MW2 back in a days was banned in Russia too, not for long, just to remove one mission. 

Funny thing is, it's still possible to use US (for example) account to buy this game or play beta using foreign account (don't tell Russian government about it).



You can't purchase or download this product. (translation)





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So thou going play that censored Version . That is sad . 


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