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I’ve come across a great solution for Collect Em All, this is especially helpful if you’ve been playing the game with Sonic & Tails and finding it difficult to obtain this trophy. It is not my own solution, I came across it on TrueAchievements but it works!


1. Gather enough medallions to unlock Debug Mode. It should be around 16 medallions. 


2. Choose Mania Mode and hover over No Save. Press :triangle: and switch Debug Mode to “On” then press :circle: to go back.


3. Hover over No Save again, choose Tails as your character then press and hold :square: and OPTIONS together until a level select screen comes up. Choose Metallic Madness Act 2.


4. Once you’ve loaded into the stage, press :square: to enter Debug Mode then press :cross: once and you will become a ring box. Press :circle: about seven times until you change to an extra life box. Then rapidly press :triangle: and fill the room with extra lives. Leave debug mode by pressing :square: then smash all the boxes and you’ll have plenty of lives.


5. Go back into Debug Mode by pressing :square:. Fly across the map with the directional pad, find the last checkpoint before the boss fight, exit Debug by pressing :square: then activate the last checkpoint.


6. Enter the boss fight and let them kill you. The game will think you are  no longer playing in Debug due to your death. Just make sure to never enter Debug mode again (do not press :square: at any point) or else the game will null the trophy until you die again. If you need more lives or you accidentally entered Debug, just let yourself die.


7. Re-enter the fight (never using Debug mode) fly up and keep hitting the lever, land every now and then when it’s safe to let Tails catch his breath. Continue until you've released all eight minions and only then can they be destroyed. If you get hit, make collecting rings your top priority then go back to the carnage.


The trophy should pop upon Eggman’s destruction. If you think you might’ve killed a minion before releasing them all, just let yourself die and restart from the last checkpoint. It will take a few tries but it’s so much easier with Tails alone.


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