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When I bought the game a few days ago, I mistook it for a different game of the franchise. And now I'm in here, kind of enjoying the old school flair of the game, but honestly completely confused by everything. Anyone care to give a short beginner guide on the very basic things. I don't really understand how this game works. 


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Greetings from France, so sorry for my bad English.

This game is a computer version of the German Pen and Paper "The Black Eye" tabletop RPG.

We were in 1980s, Dungeon & Dragons was the leader, clones were growing up.

The Black Eye is one of those clones, with sanity additional rules. So you can play both Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu tabletop scenarios with The Black Eye rules.

So this game was made and meant for old-school tabletop paper&pen roleplayers, as it will use many particularities from this period, and in 1984, they were considered as well-known, so they are undocumented.

Examples :

- always playing in an open-world, but *lots* of areas in this open-world are uninteresting and just a waste of time.

- you are using "The Black Eye" rules, but they won't be explained, you are supposed to have bought the rulebook and learnt them.

- as you go into a dungeon, do you have bought some torches/lanterns /anything that can light an area ? You were not instructed to do so, as 1980s dungeons were all unlighted, so it were common knowledge. But it can be stressful for a 2019 player.


For those willing to jump into this old-school adventure, a short text-based walkthrough :

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