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I wonder if there is a possibility for various options in the future, in order to minimize your game's list, as it gets huge every year. A couple of suggestions would be:


1. Put games in a year folder, for example all games that your last trophy earned was in 2015, put them in one folder (named 2015), which can be expanded by clicking the mouse button, to see the rest of the games as normal. You can narrow this even to 5 years per folder or something rather convenience.


2. Put games in a year folder, by date of release (so that you have recent published games altogether) or put all platinumed or 100% games in another folder.


Suggestions are hundreds to write, and good to be shared by people here.


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In regards to reducing selections by year I would like an option to be added to the trophy log section to show all trophies unlocked in a particular year rather than having to keep searching page by page to get to my first trophy unlocked in 2014 for example.

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