Platinum Walkthrough

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EU release 25th October – NA available

Meteorologists 00:48

Lost Can 01:08

Maze Dash 01:53

Beam Me Up, Scotty! 02:30

Chicken Express 02:54

Explosion from Above 03:07

Stunt Driver 03:28

Strong Hold 04:08

Cannonball 04:36

Piggy-Go-Round 05:38

Anti-Gravity  05:57

Destruction 06:25

Monster Jam 07:10

Slow Down 07:59

Architect 08:19

Alley-Oop 08:34

Lost Girl 08:59

Fireworks Show 09:17

Terminal Velocity 09:48

Lift Off 10:09

Stone man 10:48

Mother and Baby 11:02

Lost Dog 11:17

Widowmaker Hill Climb 11:45

DJ 12:15



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Cool thanks for the guide.


I think I'll wait for a sale.  For me, $19.99 is little much for a 30 minute game.  


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How to use cam to see a girl inside the bus? You didn't say which button.


Oh nevermind, you need to get on the bus first xD Great guide!

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Same as Helmet_time for me, here it's $45 for a game that will be done in 30 Mins is just WAY TOO MUCH (and that Horror game that is included could be cool but it unlocks after getting the Platinum so I wouldn't really care) and besides not a smart move on that Dev/Publisher releasing the game on the same day as CoD Modern Warfare , The Outer Worlds & Medievil Remake (all of which I've paid off and technically already own and will swing past EB Games to collect them on my way home from work in a few hours) especially since It's been out on the US PSN already for a little while or something? Should've just released it at the same time

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