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I made a Google sheet to help me track which ingredients I needed to finish the alchemy trophy. I thought it might be useful for others.


Note that I made this while playing the PS3 version. I am not sure if all of the recipes are exactly the same on the remaster. I would appreciate if anyone would tell me if they notice anything wrong!


If you would like to use it, use the save a copy feature on Google sheets to make your own copy.



On the recipe tab, select which items you've already crafted, and which items are in your plan. I have already selected the 120 items that I used for the trophy.

On the ingredients tab, you can see how many of each ingredient you still need to collect to finish your plan, and to finish crafting everything (120 is all that's required for the trophy).


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Thank you this helped me enormously with my Mad Scientist trophy and platinum.


As you asked for feedback, the ingredients list was very accurate but I did notice 2 minor things.

Both "Bar of Chocolate" and "Coldstone" were listed twice on your ingredients and I think from what I observed both values added together were needed to complete the list for the Coldstones anyway.

I'm not sure about the Bars of Chocolate as I was carrying a huge amount but that one may be a duplicate listing by mistake I feel?


Like I said though that is very minor and I'm very grateful for the work you have done, just looking to help improve it slightly for anyone else that might want to take advantage of this excellent resource.

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Hey just want to let you guys know I unlocked the trophy when I reached 91% of the Alchemy. So fair warning when attempting this trophy it’s more then 120 recipes to do. Good luck have any questions feel free to ask 


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