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Hot Tub Trophy Help

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I'm trying to get the Hot Tub trophy, and I'm having trouble finding lava. The only place I have managed to find it is in the Artus Mine level, but I'm having some issues. I am warping to that level (because I don't have a save from it), then no-clipping to the spot, then turning off the cheat, saving, exiting, restarting the game, then going back in and jumping in but it is not unlocking. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or are there other spots with lava that I am unaware of? Thanks.

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I had to attempt this a few times as well.  The first time I dropped down to the lava was from where you break through the ceiling and it didn't work.  Then I took the elevator down to ground level and hopped in from there and it didn't work. Finally I took the elevator up and walked off the catwalk in to the lava and it popped.

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I was able to get mine when I dropped down into the lava from the ceiling that you break in.

The trophy system is a little odd in that if you try to deliberately do something, like jump into lava, it won't pop but if done accidentally, it will. 

I jumped from the heights into the green stuff at the beginning of the mine level and nothing.

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