"Fully Stocked" issue after "Danger Rising" DLC release

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"Fully Stocked" needs every Supply Drop Blueprint - and now that "Danger Rising" DLC has been released, this gives you an additional six blueprints to unlock.


Basically play the DLC as you would, complete all of the submarines plus the final mission, and all Blueprints get unlocked and "Fully Stocked" will pop.


I completed all other main game trophies yesterday - and that one didn't pop - so worked my way through the "Danger Rising" DLC and at the end of the final mission, "Fully Stocked" and the Platinum popped too.


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Another user on PlaystationTrophies commented and said that they had no issue with the trophy but had not yet installed the DLC.


I had not started the DLC, but DID have it installed. I could see the locked blueprints. 


So I'm thinking that's the catch. If you have it installed, you need to complete Danger Rising to get them all unlocked. If you haven't installed it yet, it pops as per normal.


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