Bugged plat?

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Game has been out for a while and still no achievers. Is it hard as f, or is the plat bugged?


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You can see that on psn statistics people have unlocked the plat, so it is achievable, but this game has close to zero owners and I suspect that maybe only the developer team (Mandragora) have platted it. It is just hard and very, very time consuming. Well, I own the account MagnnaCentipede (my NA tester account) which is currently on top of leaderboard, I stopped "testing" Freaky Awesome when I reached the point of unlocking challenges, so I know eventually "On the razor's edge" will be unlocked. One trophy that still worries me is the one for completing the viscera location because, damn it, I completed it dozens of times, including 100%ing it, but I guess it will be unlocked at some point. I plan on starting Freaky Awesome on this account still this year. Good luck to anyone starting it, though, it is no joke trophy-wise.


PS.: "Matters of the Heart" might be bugged. I reached the point where beating the game doesnt unlock anything, I completed all challenges and nothing. If I discover anything I will share information.



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