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Trouble Unlocking "Master Of All You Survey" Trophy


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Has anyone else had trouble unlocking this trophy? I've went through all the maps and only need one more location in Desolation's Edge but when I go to all the areas it says I've already been there. I've already unlocked all the trophies for areas including the one for Nekrotafeyo but I can't unlock the last area of that map. I've tried restarting and even deleting and redownloading and going back to every area on that map but nothing has seemed to work as they all are already discovered in my game.

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I'm currently sitting at 223/223 locations found but still ahvent yet unlocked the promethea location or all location trophy. Tried doing all the locations again in tvhm for promethea, but it did not help fix anything either. Wonder if they are going to path this trophy or we will have to earn this again on a whole new playthrough - which is damn annoying - did only plan to 100 percent the game on one of my characters. 

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