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Webcam or not??


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Hi everyone,


Just looking for some advice here from you knowledgeable fellows ;)


I do some guides here and have been on youtube for a longtime but never took it seriously until very recently.


2 things I said I would never do is commentary and webcam. Not because I felt I would be bad or anything, but because ive been quite private of my real life connection to my online persona I guess, wanted to keep it separate.


Still with me, good, we're getting there ;)


Ive started doing commentary recently so am embracing the connection slowly. Started off real bad but I feel im getting better slowly, practice eh!


(Btw, started off with video guides, but trying to incorporate full game walkthroughs/lets play)


Now the webcam, I want to show my face as it will connect me more with viewers right, and could be fun but im, well, a bit embarrassed to do it. Not because of how I look lol, but because once the connection is made, that is it, my real persona is out there.


I think im being too hard on myself, I mean it wont be that bad will it and it should be a good thing at least right...


Anybody have any encouraging comments to begin adding webcam, I think I need a push ;)


Thanks all ;D



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8 hours ago, dovah said:

If your wife is for it, then you’re golden bruh. Show thy face. Let us hear thy voice. You’ve got my vote.:D 


That was a joke, missus wouldnt want anything to do with it, she h8s video games.


I will have to shave my chest and show my own cleavage lol

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6 hours ago, dovah said:

Figured that much:). But let's backup that train...  If she at least supports your habit/hobby and the time you put into it, I’m all for the embellishments. Otherwise, not so much. And tell her I said hi! xD 


Sure lol

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Just think of all the people out there. You are just one guy of millions. The odds that suddenly someone recognizes you on the street is minimal, unless you get very popular. Since you're a guy the chances of being heavily stalked is also not that high (no offense :D). But be prepared for comments targeting your looks, or behavior when they don't like your content. That can happen, I guess.


Now get out there and show your face, your audience will appreciate that ?


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2 hours ago, gamercris066 said:

Go ahead do what you want. Just keep showing yourself on camera very soon you shouldn't be shy anymore.


Wow you dug hard to find this xD.


Its more a convenience thing for me now, doing webcam is MUCH more work

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