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Slaughterhouse 3 not popping


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8 hours ago, AbleArcher97 said:

I've completed all three circles of slaughter but the trophy did not pop. If anyone knows what I should do to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

I've done them all with a friend (he was the host) and after finishing the last one we both got the trophy but on my game two of them didn't count as completed (for side missions). After re-doing the Shaft solo only then it moved from my "uncompleted missions" list. So watch out that one didn't glitch for you unless you were doing them solo.


Also, later during matchmaking to find some help for S3000, I joined when someone picked up the Shaft COS and it's showing up again on my list.


I've cut the losses and doing another speedrun just to do everything when I'm hosting and cover all the side missions.

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