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PS4 Internet Browser Problems After Software V.7.00 Was Released?


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Has anyone else on these forums had problems with the PS4 internet browser since the latest system update was released yesterday?

For me I can't login to certain websites and it appears that certain Javascript isn't working on it anymore. I have it easier than other people I know. 7 of my 200 something PSN friends can't get the browser to work at all with every site being a blank page while nearly a dozen others are getting system freezes while using the browser. Even more disturbing nearly all of my PSN friends and myself have been getting the PSN error cannot connect to the server and periodically lose our connection from PSN for several seconds. 
What exactly is going on?
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On 10/9/2019 at 4:41 PM, DemonicDraco said:

The ps4 browser has always been awful. I'm kind of surprised you have so many friends that regularly use it....


For me whenever I use it for more than 2.5 minutes it creates massive performance issues for my console. If the lag is bad enough it will crash my console and half a minute later it will appear with a system error message and give me the option to report it to SIE. Unfortunately the same thing happens after browsing the PlayStation Store for a few minutes too.


I've been an owner of my PS4 system since day one so maybe my console is the problem. Who really knows?

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