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A friend and I have been playing the legendary campaign. It has been fine up until this boss fight. The last time we loaded up we had one enemy character drop a first aid but that was it. We got him to 1/4 health but he keeps taking up out and we usually give up. Any tips on how to get past this? I really don’t want to give up on the game. Thanks! 


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Here's an easy way to get past everything Legendary difficulty has to offer: Make a team with Thor, Human Torch, a big bruiser character (Thing, Hulk, Juggernaut of Venom, I like Hulk more) and Wolverine for last slot. What you want to do is clean hordes of enemies with Thor's hammer thrust and when you reach bosses, fly towards them with Human Torch and use his Flamethrower skill (the one linked to triangle) on the direction of the boss. Now sit and watch the boss health dissappears into thin air. Get yourself familiar with that technique as it'll save you from much harder bosses. If you are running low on health, make sure the boss is vulnerable/targetable and use either Hulk's (or his replacement juggernaut character) and Human Torch's fusion attack or Hulk's + Wolverine's. Because those two fusion attacks are single targeted, hitting the boss with them ensures that you get a health token each time every time, which should increase your chance of survival. And once you are healed, go back to the Human Torch Flamethrower strategy. Some people claim that Songbird also works better than Human Torch, the only difference is that she deals less damage with her version of the Flamethorwer that she does with her voice but her attack isn't as laggy on finish so you can retreat to safety more easily. Human Torch has a riskier attack with more lag on end but he compensates that with higher damage and has better damage scaling with equipped elemental medals for fire damage.

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