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Cheater reporting is not working. Uncharted 3 leaderboard

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The trophy hacker U....ee at #1 in 100% Club leaderboard has been there for weeks but only showed up many weeks after the Uncharted 3 server went down for good. He copied the exact trophy order and time stamp timing of the legit gamer BEST.....TIME and made the trophy time stamps for 2015. That trophy hacker U........ee is still trying again to destroy the legacy of BEST......TIME even after his other account was removed for this same reason and action. They want to keep coping the trophy time stamps for a total time of 1 week 20 hours 38 minutes. The only legit gamer with legit time stamps for that exact time is BEST......TIME. He reported U.....ee over a week ago and nothing was done. And I can't even report U.....ee as the reporting button doesn't even show.

It's real simple. 100% trophies in Uncharted 3 in under a month time is no longer possible because its been over a month since online servers went down and you would have had to earn online trophies before that time to even have a chance at 100%. Any gamers showing up on 100% Club leaderboards within the last 30 days or any time in the future should all be removed as the only way for them to show up is to trophy hack. I thought that was obvious to the cheater removal team but maybe not because U.......ee is still at #1 after being reported over a week ago and has not been removed.   

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