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speed trophy


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Like the trophy guide stated. Try to segment times using the savestates.


The guide on PSNprofiles has ideal times. Steps:

- start new game

- finish level within wroten time

- If succeeded -> save state and move to the next level.

- if failed restart level by using the save state.

After potentially a lot of tries you should be able to do it.


Another more general advise for speed trophies: look at youtube or something how other people do it.


Good luck hunting :awesome:

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Best way to do this is with the no death trophy.

Do a save at the start of every level and reload if you feel like you've done a bad time.

Definitely go for the two speedrun trophy's (marble zones is a bit trickier) and if you end up getting the giant gold ring for the emeralds don't sweat as they don't seem to add to your time.

I did both speedrun trophies, all emeralds no deaths and under the 40 mins all at the same time.


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Just dropping my times here in case anyone wants to consult them.


  • Green Hill Zone Act 1 - 0:34
  • Green Hill Zone Act 2 - 0:40
  • Green Hill Zone Act 3 - 1:14
  • Marble Zone Act 1 - 1:27 (Didn't bother to get sub 1:20 as its a pain)
  • Marble Zone Act 2 - 0:13 (Zip glitch to skip the level)
  • Marble Zone Act 3 - 2:16
  • Spring Yard Zone Act 1 - 1:39
  • Spring Yard Zone Act 2 - 1:40
  • Spring Yard Zone Act 3 - 2:11
  • Labyrinth Zone Act 1 - 1:12 (Take the secret upper path to skip most of the level)
  • Labyrinth Zone Act 2 - 1:04 (Zip glitch to skip the last 3rd of the level)
  • Labyrinth Zone Act 3 - 2:31
  • Star Light Zone Act 1 - 0:25 (Zip glitch to skip the level)
  • Star Light Zone Act 2 - 1:06
  • Star Light Zone Act 3 - 2:03
  • Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 - 1:51
  • Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 - 1:09
  • Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 - 0:17 (Zip glitch to skip the level)
  • Final Zone - 1:14

Total Time - 24:46

Pretty breezy compared to other speedrun trophies in other games due to the save states.

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Surprisingly, I too just got this speedrun trophy on my first playthrough without thinking too much about my completion times per stage. It came with beating the game without dying I suppose.

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