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On 26/10/2019 at 6:17 AM, IosonoOtakuman said:

HOLY S***, IT WORKED!!!! Thanks a lot! I'm gonna quote you in my guide! 1f604.png

Hey Otaku! I'm glad it helped, and thanks for the quote! 😄

13 hours ago, APCGrayLocked said:

i confirm too that dying by letting the timer out, unlocks the trophy.

Yeah, I did it with two different accounts, it works 100% 😁

25 minutes ago, Malachen said:

Did you have a bunch of other deaths at this point or was it just this single death? Only died twice so far and nearly at this level so wondering if a farm some other deaths first or can just die in this level.

Hi! Follow these steps from PowerPyx guide:


1) Killed by Zombies – The Graveyard: These are the default enemies everywhere.

2) Drowning – The Graveyard: Jump into the deep water at the end of the Graveyard Level.

3) Lava – Cemetery Hill: Jump into the pool of lava at the foot of the mountain where the rocks roll in.

4) Rolling Rocks – Cemetery Hill: Let the rolling rocks kill you.

5) Fire – Cemetery Hill: In the starting area are several fireplaces. Stand in them and let the fire burn you to death.

6) Crystal Spikes – The Hilltop Mausoleum: Throughout the level are crystal spikes on the floor, jump onto them to get a game over.

7) Collapsing Floor – The Hilltop Mausoleum: After you pick up the earth rune, the floor will crumble. Just don’t escape and let it kill you.


And then, try follow what I said about dying in "The Haunted Ruins". 😉


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