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So I had an intel glitch on me on the last level it was number 5 out of 6 as shown in the video HERE, if you scroll all the way down the last comment encountered this glitch 5 years ago.


What happened for me is when I went to interrogate the last captain, he got up from my tranquilizer right as I interrogated him, for some reason this caused the game to glitch and I was stuck at 5/6 intel, the odd part was I received the intel for the officer so I should have gotten trophy, I thought I was screwed, so i replayed the level and checked all terminals (a previously hacked terminal cannot be hacked once you have already successfully hacked it), the weird part the the second to last terminal (the 3rd intel in the video), was not hacked, yet I already hacked it and it was shown I collected it in the contract select, I hacked it and got the trophy for all of the intel.


Now, I thought I was all in the clear, but I later I realized I never received that valor cards for collecting all of the intel in mission 9 and it still showed as 5/6 intel, even though I had the trophy, what I did do in the run where I got the last intel that was glitched, was interrogate the last officer (the one that caused the glitch in the first place), so I replayed the level on the same difficulty originally (veteran) and hacked the same terminal again mentioned above AND interrogated the last officer, and then completed the level. Then I got the valor cards and my full deck trophy.


I am not sure if this is a common glitch but it happened to me and that other guy in the YouTube comments, if this happens to anyone else on another level, my suggestion is to replay the level on the same difficulty, and go collect ALL off the interrogations and check every terminal (even if it has already been hacked).


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