The future of gaming is scary

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21 hours ago, VigilantCrow said:

Innovation and unique concepts have historically happened in gaming, due to hardware limitations. We can look at the best example of this with Silent Hill's ironic mist, being used to limit objects on the player's screen.


As tech improves, developers are no longer forced to innovate unique ways to fit content onto CDs or cartridges. I honestly suspect that's a key reason why gaming has gotten boring.


You can just look at Metal Gear Solid 3. Another one of Konami's awesome games, the amount of attention to detail was great. I remember renting this game back around 2005 - 2006 and I was literally blown away with it. It had some of the most touching cutscenes and 'realistic' looking characters I have ever seen in any video game. It holds up extremely well compared to other games of it's time.


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On 10/31/2019 at 2:57 AM, djb5f said:


GTA IV WAS great but it is hard to play today.

Not really. I played it for the first time ever earlier this year while visiting a friend of mine, and I loved it, better than GTAV to be sure. Sure, it plays differently than "modern" games, but all it takes is 30 minutes TOPS before you get used to it all and suddenly it's normal. 


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