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Getting started a bit later than planned, but still shouldn’t have any problems with making sufficient progress on Tropico 6. 


Starting stats:


Games Played: 121

Games Completed: 96

Trophies Earned: 2,656

Unearned Trophies: 710

Completion Percentage: 81.60%


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5 hours ago, voodoo_eyes said:


Game #3 - Yooka-Laylee - Preiview

First and until recently the only game made by this studio. Guess what the 2nd game is... Anyway, at least the publisher has been known to put out some solid titles, so there's hope yet.

Still, I'm not sure if I should be looking forward to this one. Thing is, I don't have much love for 3D platformers, which this is. The only ones I thoroughly enjoyed were the R&C reboot,  R&C Into the Nexus and the first Sly Cooper game. The rest I found to be very mediocre to bad.


So yeah, I'm expecting mediocrity and hopefully it's at least better than bloody Ginger.

I played this for a KYC a couple of years ago, i got about half way through and yes its mediocre at best, and i am a fan of the Genre, I've never actually been back to finish it off (there is always something more appealing) so who knows maybe it gets better. Will be interested to hear your take on it.


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