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Slight update to my stats since I earned one more trophy in Tropico 6.


Trophies earned: 11/41 (19%)


Games Played: 122

Games Completed: 96

Trophies Earned: 2,667

Unearned Trophies: 740

Completion Percentage: 80.93% (-0.67%)


Starting my next game tomorrow evening. 

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@voodoo_eyes I was going to go ahead and start Wasteland 2, but there’s an issue with the disc (tried others, there was no problem). I won’t be able to replace it at the moment, so if it’s OK, here’s how I want the list to look now. I won’t ask for it to be changed again....except the last slot. I have a good idea of what I want it to be. Just not sure if it’ll happen yet, so leaving it blank to avoid another change. 


November 1-6-Tropico 6

November 7-12-Birthdays: The Beginning

November 13-18-Harvest Moon: Mad Dash

November 19-24-Civilization VI

November 25-30-TBD


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Coronation ~ The Princess Guide



I got The Princess Guide in that one sale with all the other games on my KYC list. I just saw it in the PSN store, watched the trailer and bought the game because it looked neat. All I really know about the game is that there are four princesses. One is a boring knight, another is a mage, the third has a flipping minigun with a bayonet attachment and then you have one that is part dragon. Would I rather have a really big gun or be a dragon? I never thought I would have to make that choice.    


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