Possible run mess up by Hall of Heroes crash

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Hi everyone!

I encountered a issue that probably messed up my run.

My game crashed while I was in the Hall of Heroes after the crystal caves, before i could take the reward for the chalice.


I tried to take the chalice of the next level, but I could only take the reward for the previous level.


Am I screwed? If so I strongly suggest to make a cloud save every now and then!


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i had the same issue 1 hour ago

black screen just after i pressed triangle in front of the statue (the one that gives thunder)

i had to reboot the game, play the next level in order to get the 16th calice and go back in the Hall.

Once inside the hall of Heroes i managed to get thunder and a new life bottle. but not the  "Master Dan-At-Arms" trophy (Collect every weapon)

I don't know if iam stuck for this trophy so i ve decided to cancel the "auto-update in the cloud" of the game save and keep the yesterday save safe there.

I may decide to use this save in the end to do again what i did today and (i hope) get the platinum trophy.


Edit : i managed to unlock the "Master Dan-At-Arms" trophy  by replaying the ants quest.

The trophy poped when the witch gave me 30 new chicken drumsticks.

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