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since the guide lazily explains it i'll kind of just throw the basics here, 2 trophies to find super soldaten soldiers fastest


first the stealth kills use a knife, on brother 3. exit, come back. 


to kill 10 rushing


weapon: laserkraftwek




scope - any

quick charge

quick charge

(all improved)


go to the soldatens, usually down in the water, tap one shot at them o lower their health a little then immediately hold the button down to charge your gun. wait for him to rush and shoot. you cant do it any other way because your ai partner will kill him


to re-get ammo go back to catacombs and stand behind the boat, look to your right should be a box




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It's interesting, I had no memory of ever killing one charging, but the trophy popped after I killed 6 deliberately. I guess if you play this game for the 50+ hours needed for plat you'll end up killing a few charging just by chance haha.


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