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Can someone PLEASE tell me why my progress goes back on factions?!? ? I was playing last night after a few hours and went from week 1 to 3, boom, my game crashes and I go back to week 1 day 7. Why? Why is it not saving? I just played a game and went to week 2 and then got back into the lobby. I just tried an experiment and left multiplayer and went back to home screen. Guess what it did. It went back to week 1 day 7! This is insane and I’m getting tired of this game.. Any suggestions. I either keep going further and risk of crashing or I get lucky and finish the journey without crashing. OR I find a fix. Thank you.



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Idk if there's a solution for that particular's probably a server issue on Sony's/Naughty Dog's end. That'd be my guess.


Though, have you ever changed your psn id? That can cause weird issues, I've heard.


Try restoring licences.


Some people around the world have been having problems connecting at all to Factions recently. Most of them have solved it temporarily by using Google's dns-servers ( and or Maybe try that.


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