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A new adventure of BIBI & TINA, for those who are already familiar with the previous game ,

Bibi & Tina: Adventures with Horses

this has the same mechanics the trophies are basically the same, but there is the collectible part plus instead .... which becomes hard work for those who want to do the 100% without using Guide to the locations.

The platinum is very quiet if you follow the image of the collectibles and go marking those that are collected,
For each race completed 1 trophy, the game consists of 20 (part of the campaign)
Win 6 Races in less than 1 minute, (Just repeat the race you complete in less than 1 min.)
The mini games that are made as the previous version in the stable.
And collect 96 gift boxes.
I will be placing the map with the location of all.

Video with the mini games




Credit: kouki 10th Anniversary- for video..


I tried to upload the image to the topic here but I couldn't if anyone can help thank you, I'm trying to (


Map all collectible 



Map Granted by Katrin Haase


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Greetings bro, a question on the map, I can only decipher 95 boxes, I'm going crazy, do you know something about it or something that escapes my sight? thanks for the help always
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Good luck in finding it, trying to check out that guide in great detail could lead to a good result potentially @victor_crespo1 or you might be unlucky and that it is glitched for you.


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