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xReaperSlays' Dispute

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Unfortunately, this means the trophies are not legit. You can review the rules here:


Joining hacked multiplayer lobbies that auto-unlock trophies - Due to the impossibility of these times affecting specific game leaderboards, it's not fair to players who unlocked trophies under normal circumstances. Right now there isn't a 'white list' system for these kinds of games and a regular flag is made - you'll have to hide that game to get back on the leaderboards. If this happens to you, don't sync your trophies and go here to see how to reverse it.


If you don't care about the leaderboard, great! You can just leave it as is. If you want to get back on the leaderboard, and have fewer than 3 flagged games, you can follow this process to hide the offending game.



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