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Perfect timing! I'm slowly working through the missions here and there so this should help to save some time. Thanks. :D


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On 29.10.2019 at 2:41 AM, VirtualNight said:

Badland requires some workaround in order to complete the missions, and some people may have troubles to figure out how to pass a mission. Almost always the problem is from a mission which requires to save N clones.

So I make this thread as a help.


Before going further, be aware of 3 very important tricks:

  • regroup clones: while tapping the X button (or whatever you use), move the stick left and right, this will allow you to regroup your clones
  • single row: hold the X button against the roof or make the group land on the ground
  • vertical row: just like the single row, but in this case you will move the group to crash into a vertical obstacle (not lethal of course)


Be aware that there can be other type of movements you can do to regroup the clones: at times tapping X, other times moving slowly behind... these are intuitive actions that, as a human, you should be able to figure out, especially by playing. This is a game where the experience gained by playing is crucial, more than in most of other games.



So, looking for vids on yt i could only find this:



In this channel you can find the 3 stars (missions) guide for each level... BUT! there are 2 serious problems with this:

  1. the vids have been done with the original version of badland, which has at times easier obstacles, or they even do not exist (unlike in the GOTY, which is the version you are playing)
  2. he goes often for all 3 missions at once, this is highly unrecommended because you won't save time at all, the missions can be tricky already, the last thing you want to do is to make them even harder; you want to do them 1 by 1, not to mention that, once again, you have the GOTY version which is harder


So, I have made a specific type of vids for those missions where you may have troubles, which means almost entirely the clones' missions, I have almost never combined that with another mission which means I could intentionally skip some power ups or restart from a checkpoint; in fact i have often cut the vids to not show you useless parts, but just the one from where is important to make your strategy (before that you can play as you wish, or even prepare yourself better with previous power ups if you really want so). Only rarely I have made a vid for the other type of missions if I found them harder than usual; you don't need a vid for very straightforward missions as they just require you to study the level, same for the levels where saving a specific amount of clones is very clear, example there is a power up for clones right before the end.

If you are stucked in a mission i don't show, please refer to the first link I have provided, even if is the original version of Badland that should be more than enough, is also good if you can't find a mine for a mission.

That's all, this is my playlist for single player:


Thank you for all these videos! I always had a look at your channel when having trouble with some of the single player missions. I will definitely come back to your playlist when starting with the coop part :)

Good luck with Crypt btw :D 


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