Impossible power-up SOLO strategy

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Thank you for posting this!  I really want to go for the 100% on this game but the couch co-op requirements were deterring me since trophies like this are not only tough but I think have to be completed twice for both players to get it through SharePlay.


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Managed to get it solo today after many failed attempts and 12 attempts where I was already in between the last 2 saw blades. Attempt number 13 eventually was a success. One piece of advice from my side:

I don‘t know if that even helps or if it still comes down to luck, but I was wondering, why I never got out of the two saw blades in the end.

I had a closer look and the razor blades from the left saw are moving upwards, whereas the right‘s blades are moving downwards. In all failed attempts I was holding the stick constantly to the right when trying to escape. In my successful attempt I held the stick to the left in the beginning, maybe that resulted in the clone going upwards/out of the blades more easily. Anyway, it is done now🙏🏻


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