Visual Novels - I have no idea where to start

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Just now, freddie1989 said:

For me personally I think Telltale, Life is Strange is the kind of thing I can cope with story wise. If it is Japanese teenagers reading a story while not moving I will likely get bored.


You know your tastes best, but again, I was personally surprised at how well some of the stories were told. Stein;s Gate was the biggest surprise - it started off with tons of tropes and annoying characters...right until you get into the thick of it, and suddenly all that early annoying really made the future moments rather poignant.


Danganronpa is another one where the story (which is laughably stupid at its core) is really helped along by its cast of characters. I particularly liked Danganronpa 2's ending. It was rather unexpected (plus, fat Byakuya was just awesome - it's a shame he didn't stick around longer).


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