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For this road map I abused the export/import char. I highly recommend plaything the game normally on Core Rules, before doing the trophy related stuff.
I have beaten IWD bunch of times, so trust me - the below method is a very cheap way of getting platinum and I am not proud of myself about what I am "recommending"
Having said that, since game allows you to export high end chars and import them and their gear to new game (which kills the fun) why not abuse it to the fullest.


Start a game and create your team to have the following:

Paladin (1st) , Bard and four others all good aligned. To speed up the creation process you can import generic paladin Cadriel x5 and then create a bard (good alignment)


Company of Champions

Have six party members who are good-aligned.


Go and speak to Jhonen and find Elisia. Speak to her with the bard and ask her to teach you a song.


Song of the Sea *

Sang to the Sea Spirit Elisia.


Now start killing random people and your paladin become fallen paladin.



Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.


Back to main menu and start a game again and create characters so all have neutral alignment or simply import Felicia the bard x6 (she is neutral)


Order of Guardians

Have six party members who are neutral-aligned.


Back to main menu and start a game with party all evil. There are no pre-generic evil chars so just create 6 evil ones. Make sure to create an evil bard as main char.


Band of Villains

Have six party members who are evil-aligned.


Back to menu and start the DLC (How) with generic team, just exclude mage and replace him with bard.  Pop automatically:


Loremaster   (if this doesn't pop - start a game with bard as 1st char)

Obtain a Lore skill of 100 or more.


Grand Master

Obtain Grand Master weapon proficiency level.


As well as:


The Unseemly Relic *

Found Pale Justice, the Holy Avenger sword.


I am not sure, but I think you will also pop the 150hp trophy (it doesn't really matter - you will get it on the course of your lvl 30 as fighter).


Now quit to main menu and restart heart of winder, but this time make sure that the number one spot in your team is take by the bard (you can import), fill the other 5 spaces with randoms. Trophy loremaster pops only when your bard is 1st char.


Before you quit out drop all good items to one char and export him.


Real game start:
Create a team of 5 (order is important)

1.      Paladin

2.      Dwarven Defender

3.      Barb

4.      Tripple Class (Warrior/Mage/Thief)

5.      Cleric

6.       and for the 6th spot in your team import the guy you just exported from HoW with all the good stuff. Take all his equipment and share among your 5 main chars and export all your 5 chars.

yChanging portraits of your characters makes it easier for you to know which char to import.

Start a new game on Normal difficulty
Import those 5 and create 6th to be sorcerer


Side note: You can abviously start with pre-generated characters, but this is not really needed as you will get enough XP to lvl up everyone (three playthroughts)


Specialize Dwarven defender with axe and hammer

Paladin: Long Sword (you already start with end game weapon)

Barb: whatever you want

Tripple Class with bow (fighter/thief/mage)

Cleric (weapon doesn’t matter), spell needed Animate Dead

Sorcerer (Stinky Cloud, Web, Contact other Plane 5th level, 7th lvl spell Malavon's rage)


Make sure to speak with Jhonen and then the nymph (blue lady) and return the broken sword to him. Very important for one trophy.

Continue with the story and when you reach Kuldahar you will unlock:


Soothing Warmth *

Visited Kuldahar.


The only thing not to do here yet is don’t talk to Hjollder yet. Visit the potion seller (you should have more then enough gold by selling items from the imported party) and buy 3x potions of mind focusing. Have your main paladin drink 2-3 (depending on your dexterity). Here I reached AC-15 (by wearing Bathed in Blood Armor, Blessed Helm of Lathander, Kaylessas Gloves, Black Wolf Talisman, Mystery of the Dead Shield + AC bonus from Dexterity.



Reduce Armor Class to -15 or lower.


My Dexterity went by 9 points and it maxed out on 25 points, giving me another trophy:


Increase an attribute score to 25.


Continue with the story.


Eye of the Dragon *

Visited Dragon's Eye.


Demon Slayer *

Killed Yxunomei, the Marilith demoness.


Continue with story and visit Severed hand.


The Towering Ruin *

Visited the Severed Hand.


Important here when you visit Corellon tower is to speak with Valestis, he will ask you for 4 items (obtainable later in the game)

Continue with the story


Echos from the Deep *

Visited Dorn's Deep.


Lich Slayer *

Killed Terikan, the Lich.


Continue with the story and you will reach Wyrm Tooth Glacier.


The Glistening Glacier *

Visited Wyrm's Tooth Glacier.


You should pop 1000 killed creatures soon (if you haven’t already).



Killed 1,000 creatures.


 In the aquatic museum you must side with the slaves and help them escape. After repairing the bridge visit Frost Giant Caves, you need to free slaves from there a well.

Be sure to pick up the barrel of glacial water near Kontik (a wizard in Joril's Ice caverns)


Liberator *

Freed all slaves in the Wyrm's Tooth glacier.


Be sure to kill Joril here too (this is misssable since you can kindly ask him for the badge)


Giant Slayer *

Killed Joril, the leader of the Frost Giants.


In the lower Dorn’s deep be sure to deal with Marekth before Malavon. There is a golem creation book in his room in the palace 2nd floor.  Also look in the kitchen there is a sack of potatoes, which you can give to a guy in Svirneblin village. Doing a quest for him gets you to Umber Hulk Tunnels (Svir village) where you find Nym, Drow merchat. Buy the squirrels and birds from him.


During the battle with Malavon, make sure your first character (sort of main hero) drinks bunch of intelligence potions (+3). I ended up having INT 23 when I spoke the command word (not Mel, something Kalash?). Golems turned on him and smashed him to bits.


Constructed Betrayal *

Turned Malavon's Iron Golems against him.

Be sure to pick up seeds from the stash, which is the final component needed for restoring a garden in Severed Hand.

Also Malavon dropped a scroll of his own spell called Malavon’s Rage, which isn't really needed as your sorcerer can learn it without the scroll. If you have a mage, keep the scroll and memorize it. Once it's ready to use you will pop a trophy for having this spell (mentioned later). At this point (5 badges out of 6) I returned to Severed Hand. Visited Northern tower where Valestis is and gave him all 4 items for a lot XP and a trophy


The Secret Garden *

Restored the Arboretum to its former glory.


You can visit Larell and ask him to teleport you to Dorn’s Deep, from there Wyrm’s Tooth and enter the Lower Dorn’s Deep and to Salamander Mines and to Great Forge where the last general is – Maiden Ilmadia. I recommend killing all fire giants first to make things easier. When she dies she will drop a Black Swan Armor. Pick it up and have it wear by your main char to pop a trophy:

Black Swan *

Acquired the Black Swan Armor.


Visit the cave with Brother Poquelin, beat him up a beat and you will be teleported to Eastheaven and a trophy will pop:

Coldest Winter *

Revisited Easthaven.


Walk down killing few Cyclops and you will meet Jhonen who will give you a superb sword, which nets you a trophy and a lot of XP


The Reborn Blade *

Acquired the Restored Blade of Aihonen.


Find Everard and enter the tower. Kill Pomab  and before entering the final boss battle (before using the mirror) Make Save and Export all Chars.

Now you can kill the demon.


Fiend Slayer *

Killed Belhifet.


Savior of the Ten Towns *

Completed Icewind Dale.


Now Start the DLC Heart of Winter and get all your chars from the final save.

Enter Inn and talk to Hobart, he will teleport with you to a mysterious castle.


Allurement *

Visited the ruined castle in the Anauroch desert.


This quest is a bit long, here is a walkthrough:

Continue with the quest. At this point my sorcered levelled up and he learned Malavons Rage 7th level spell and he wasn’t even the top char, it still got me the trophy.


The Raging Mage *

Memorized Malavon's Rage.


Surviving all the trials, beating Luremaster and finally returning back to Lonelywood gets you:


Resisted the Lure *

Completed Trials of the Luremaster.


Village: Speak to Emmerich to start a warewolf quest, speak to trappers.

Speak to people inside the Inn, especially the bard. Give him 10 gold pieces to listen to his sad tale (need for trophy).

Go to Barbarian’s camp. Visit trappers ask what happened. 

Speak to Young Ned go to Burial Island.


The Final Resting Place *

Visited the Burial Isle.


In the Burial Isle underground area you will meet Vexing Thoughts. Speak to him once and than have your sorc cast Contact Other Plane. Ask the ghost for the real name of Vexing and command him to serve you and speak his real name. An armour will appear in your inventory, wear it and a trophy will pop.


Infernally Vexed *

Acquired the infernal Vexed Armor.


If you didn’t get a 150 hp trophy yet, when you put this armor it gives you +2 consitution, so you should have above 150hps and another trophy will pop.



Reach 150 Hit Points.


Finish the quest here and return to Lonelywood, visit trapers. One left.. It was night when I arrived in Lonely wood so I met the Greater Warewolf on the Eastern side here. Beaten badly he ran away.

Next I visited Emmerich, he wasn’t there (because it was night and I didn't figure you need to visit him during the day)... OK, let’s go to Gloomfrost.


The Gloomy Mountain *

Visited Gloomfrost.


Enter Gloomfrost Caverns (up North) If you followed up my roadmap and acquired Aihonen’s blade, there is a dwarf here who can further improve it. There are a lot of things you can “use” the dwarf to including another trophy related thing – creating an ice rose for the bard who you met in the Lonelywood’s Inn.


The Singing Blade *

Acquired the Singing Blade of Aihonen.


Ask Tiernon for a weapon of your choice and he will forge it for you, list is avail here:


Cold Fury *

Assisted the dwarven smith Tiernon to forge an ice weapon.


Finish a quest here and get back to Lonelywood. Enter the inn and give the ice rose to bard.


Glacial Efflorenscence *

Brought a rose of ice to the bard, Murdaugh.


Confront Emmerich (it has to be during the day) and pop:


The Lone Wolf *

Discovered the true identity of the Lonelywood werewolf.


In addition you can visit tavern and get a special necklace for a lot of XP (innkeeper)


Next go along with the main story, visit Barbarian camp (big fight here) and kill everyone here. Afterwards speak with Hjollder and he will tell you about the sea of moving ice.  If you are ready for the finale, tell him you are ready 😊 He will teleport you to an Icy Island


The Frozen Sea *

Visited the Sea of Moving Ice.


A lot of fights coming up.. Once you reach the dragon make sure you are prepared as it’s one of the hardest battles you will face. Once dragon is dead you will get two trophies.


Dragon Slayer *

Killed Icasaracht, the White Dragon matriarch.




Hero of the Frozen North *

Completed Heart of Winter.


Before exiting the door from the dragon’s lair (the one that auto opens):
MAKE SAVE and next:

Drop your best items to your tripple class char (I recommend boots of speed, singing blade of Aihonen, ring of ½ extra attack, nothing strength related). OK, now export that char.

OK, start a new game any difficulty and import your triple class character and again your tripple class ( to double equipment). Drop stuff to one of the tripple class and export him.

I ended up having a char who dual wielded two blades of aihonen +5, 2x rings of extra ½ attack and boots of speed.


Start a new game and just import the triple class char with the above mentioned stuff, select Story difficulty and have only him in your party. We need to beat the game solo and on the story difficulty (Do not change the difficulty throught the game, as you will void the trophy). I tried disbanding my party when fighting Belhifet on the 1st playthrough and setting difficulty to Story, no trophy popped.


So now you have a fast killing machine, which is invulnerable, maxed strength and super fast. Beating the game took me around 3 hours.


After killing Behilfet you get two trophies:


Flying Solo

Complete the game with only a single party member



Complete the game on the Story Mode difficulty setting.


Now, for the final playthrough – Heart of Fury do the following. Load your heart of winter final save (after killing the dragon) and import the following:


1.      Paladin

2.      Dwarven Defender

3.      Berserker

4.      Tripple class (fighter/mage/thief) – he can be your archer this time

5.      Cleric

6.      Mage


You should have a greatly equipped team for HoW and you should have issues with beating it at all. The biggest supearweapon is your cleric, who can install kill most enemies with turn undead. He can solo:
Vale of Shadows and all tombs (if he is not high enough the toughest enemies may need to get slashed by your warriors) or for example Lavok's tower (almost all enemies here are shadows here so undead). Just use Sanctuary and turn on Turn Undead. The end :)
For non undead locations use the following: Web and make sure your warriors use rings of free movement (there are 2 to be pick pockted in Kuldahar - orric and Arundel).

Worty mage spells: Invisibility, Improved Haste, Skull Trap, Greater Malision,  Disintegration, Finger of Death Symbol Stun, Finger of Death (don't bother with symbol death, death spells). Abi Dalhzim is great for damage, but it also damages your guys (on the contrary to Baldur's Gate)
Priest spells: Sanctuary, Regeneration, Lathander priest also had total immunity spell (7th lvl spell), Heal, symbol of stun


Here is an handy strategy:
Cast regeneration on your fighter, than holy symbol of lathander and improved haste from mage and send him to lure all enemies on him. Than join with your other fighters, archer, mage and cleric. All enemies will target the invulderable warrior so you can dispose of some enemies before the spell runs off. Cleric can case sybol of stun and it should get most of the enemies.


I have some yt videos which I will upload later.


Master Tactician

Complete the game on the Heart of Fury difficulty setting.


There is a chance that some level trophies will pop during your HoW playthrough, if not - you can use my xp grind method:


Weirdly enough those trophies only pop from the 1st char, so if your 1st is mage, and your warrior on 2nd place in the team reaches 30 level - trophy will not pop. To be honest for the grind method just use cleric and trippler class. This is all you need. Obiously cleric will reach 30 level first and after some hours of grinding (you will reach thief lvl 30, warrior level 30 and finally mage level 30 of your tripple class).

Another surprising thing is that the trophy Living Legend will only pop when you have all three classes maxed out. Once you have your tripple class char as 2nd, export him and import and place him on the 1st spot in the party.


Epic Mage

Reach level 30 with a Mage or Sorcerer.


Epic Rogue

Reach level 30 with a Thief or Bard.


Epic Warrior

Reach level 30 with a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian.


Epic Priest

Reach level 30 with a Cleric, Druid, or Shaman.


Living Legend

Reach level 30 in two classes with the same character.


Ultimate Warrior

Reach level 30 in three classes with the same character.


Master of Icewind Dale

Get every trophy

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Got the plat. I will update guide on Monday, level trophies pop for main char. Solvable with import/export


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On 9/11/2019 at 10:31 AM, skroq said:

Got the plat. I will update guide on Monday, level trophies pop for main char. Solvable with import/export

Wow amazing guide, this will be very helpful  thanks!!! 


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Thanks for the guide, so reassuring to follow the beaten path.  My fav xp grinding spot was trying to rest on the seer map. Cleric is OP.  If i had to do HOF again i d have 2 clerics with paw of cheetah, 1 triple class to cast improved haste, group invis and shapechange golem, and 3 barbs with dual singing blades etc to be fodder. 


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