Ant quest / Chalice glitch

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Hi everyone. Yesterday i start this game and i reached the ant cave from the cauldron in the enchanted earth. When i finally found the seventh fairy (already got mi 7 pieces of amber) the cutscene where the first of the fairies doesn't i went to the boss battle and defeat the ant queen but when i come back to the enchanted earth both cutscenes (the one with the fairy and the one with the witch) played togheter and overlaying, than this put me out of the level to the map...Result? No chalice and no hall of the heroes after that. I repeat this 4 times and got the same result. Anyone knows how to fix this or how to got the ant cave chalice?


Edit: It's very simple, you should fet free the fairy for first, then use a RANGED weapon to defeat the Queen

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found a way to fix

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