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On 11/9/2019 at 0:13 PM, Septomor said:


If anyone wants to feed me lines that they know so I can edit the document, please do!

Good luck yall



Got a bunch of edits for you.  I was pretty anal-retentive when I was recording these, so here are a bunch more I noticed.  That being said, you missed entire sections on quotes.  There seems to be some disagreement on whether overworld lines count, but by your spreadsheet I had a measly 208 lines when i got the trophy, and I was on 273 on my list.  I just did a google sheet document and wrote down everything, so I know if i doubled up.


First off, corrections from your sheet where you got lines in the wrong place:

  • Four enemies! You're surrounded, but they're pretty weak!  (you had in 'entering battle, no advantages) This is clearly when YOU are ambushed.  The correct line in this section is...:
  • Four enemies! They're pretty pathetic, but stay on guard!
  • Five enemies! They're weak, but don't relax yet!                            <--------This is new to your sheet.
  • A Second Baton pass, nice!                                                            <--------New to your sheet, in the baton pass section.
  • This weakling...!                                                                             <------New to your sheet, in the Sun Rank 2 asking for more money/items section, and failing.  Also note that you can get                                                                                                                    this with money OR items.  Same deal for 'This punk!' or 'Not bad!' I've gotten them all with all types.
  • If you're gonna run, now's your chance!       (was in a lower section for trying to escape while she's already looking, moved up to the 'successful escape' section)
  • Don't rush me! I'm trying to find a way out!                 (is the proper line for trying to escape when you're already trying)
  • There's still three enemies! Keep it up!                                 <-----------just missing from your sheet


Now new stuff that you didn't have on the sheet, and I'm either not sure on placement in your sections, or require new sections:


  • Now's our chance! Beat 'em up!                 (Party ambushes 1 enemy, equal strength to you, maybe stronger theoretically, but i was overleveled)
  • You're Dizzy! Your attacks might not connect!                   (Line during Futaba's first fight - the boss fight - before she learns everyone's code names)
  • Oh! Nice dodge!                                                                (Same as above, before learning names)
  • Ok, I'm looking for a way out!                                              (attempting to escape, BEFORE rank 9 Star - which guarantees no wait)
  • It's strong, but there's just one!                                       (initiate battle vs 1 enemy - either red aura or stronger than you, don't know which)
  • It's powerful. If you're going to try to beat it, be careful!     (initiate battle vs 1 enemy - either red aura or stronger than you, not sure which)
  • Two foes! You can take this nice and easy!                                 (initiate battle vs 2 enemies - equal strength, not sure on ambush)
  • There's 4 enemies, you should probably just run!                    (during 10 minute countdown in the spaceport - limited time only line)
  • You know, you can always run!                                                (during 10 minute countdown in the spaceport - limited time only line)
  • This should do it!                                                                      (weakness scan with L1, but either they had no weakness -they didn't- or it was the fact they couldn't do anything.)
  • That's our Queen!                                                                  (critical hit to down someone)
  • Ooh, nice attack!                                                                   (technical hit)
  • Nice!                                                                                       (technical hit, this one was by Makoto, not sure if it matters)
  • Woah, you did that with style!                                               (technical hit, in this case was Yusuke, with an AoE - not sure if it matters)
  • Woah! That one was just... damn!                                          (another technical hit line)
  • Woaaaahh! That was awesome!                                           (when full party out dodges an AoE - same line with 2 and 4 people out, so i assume for 3 too.)
  • Just hold on and push through this! We can come back from this!            (when 2 people are knocked down at once)


Here is Futaba skills and other mementos/post battle stuff:


  • This is where i shine!                                (treasure replenish after battle)
  • Gimme a sec.
  • Starting the search!                                  (mementos scan)
  • Analyzing the field...
  • Let's see here.... what's it like.
  • *Sigh* ...That was fast.  Now i'm starting to get bored.                (post battle, no ambushes, vs weaklings, mementos)
  • The enemies are gone. We can move ahead.                             (same)
  • They didn't stand a chance.  Bored now. Go find a strong enemy.    (same)
  • Nice work.  Keep it up and vamenos!                                           (same)
  • Good job, let's keep going!                                                           (yep, same)
  • Leave the noobs and let's go!
  • That easy, huh? I can tell by your face.


Here is finding things on the overworld, which I'm not sure work, but clearly a bunch of them do:

  • The effects of cognition are low around here, is there a saferoom nearby?                      (safe room)
  • This feeling...! I think there's a safehouse around here!
  • Is there a safe room nearby? It'd help if we could find one.
  • ...Huh? Is there a safe room around here somewhere?
  • Hey, that's a treasure chest. It's fun time!                                                                           (chest)
  • Huh? Oooh! A treasure box! Let's open it!
  • There's a chest.  Joker, let's open it!
  • I detect a shadow!                                                                                                             (shadow, in mementos iirc)
  • We reached a platform! That means we can keep going down!                                       (mementos, reaching a platform)
  • Woo a platform! Let's keep truckin' ahead.
  • We got to the platform! Nice work, y'all!
  • Yeah! Go, vroom vroooom.                                                                                              (just wandering in mementos)
  • I wanna make this interior more functional!                                                                     (same, but this one is part of a conversation, so not sure if they count)


That's all that i could actually note what the cause was.  I had a few others that I couldn't pinpoint the reason, or can't tell if they're on your sheet.  But this should help you a bit to fill in the sheet.  It was very useful to me!


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Thank you so much for all the edits and additions. From what I remember, the overworld ones were confirmed to not count, so I never listed them such as the Futaba mementos quotes. I'm still uncertain but I can add the list with a separate counter for overworld tracking and maybe we'll get our answer someday 


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Posted (edited)

@Septomor The excel was helpful and was able to get the trophy

Edited by CelestialShards
Link was already provided

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