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Hey all,


just made a quick checklist for the Passionate Listener trophy. After spending about 2 hours in the final boss and not getting the trophy, I decided to just reload the save before the boss and make this list.


Passionate Listener Checklist

  • To use, click File -> Make a copy


The checklist will count for you how many lines Total you have, as well as sub category lines, and will highlight lines you have to make it easier to read. These subcategories are directly copied from this guide on PSN profiles, by GoldenDevilGamer (I've added 2 that were missing), and many of the lines were written in by either me personally or from this list by optimusmart from gamefaqs. It is not an exhaustive, there are about 25 ??? lines I could not get or find. 


The majority of the lines are character-specific, and don't have the actual line listed, but they should be really obvious which line it is, for instance "Joker's down!" would be said when Joker is downed.


Just as a note, in the final area before the final boss, I was able to get 157 lines before the trophy popped. It is just my estimate, but you can probably get 180 lines in the final area alone. Then 30 more on the final boss.


If anyone wants to feed me lines that they know so I can edit the document, please do!

Good luck yall


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